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Mon, Jul 18th, 2005 06:34:10 PM
Topic: Learning in Public

Invariably after RK's two or three times a week venture into clownland to see how professor clown and his collection of rug challenged "experts" are misleading themselves and the unfortunate members of the public who happen to surf into what RK.com has called rugdom's Saragasso Sea of incompetence, we can help but thinking why they persist in proving how little they know.

Granted learning the tuba in public might be more irksome and annoying to any innocent bystanders but clownland runs a mighty close second.

It is almost beyond comprehension to believe the active participants over there are after anything other than some twisted thrills of seeing their names in "print" and/or parading their miniscule rug-knowledge like some mooning flasher who jumps out of the stands at the Super Bowl.

The latest "presenter", david hunt, and his boring and droll "examination" of Turkmen Palas weavings is truly scrapping the bottom of the barrel, something that is quite difficult considering what fills the rest of clownland's archives.

RK is sure if mr. hunt's sons were old enough to drive he wouldn't let them out in public without first making sure their driving skills were at least adequate to assure him the family buggy would make it back into the driveway in one piece - and, needless to say, without some poor pedestrian being dragged behind the rear wheels or stuck on the hood in place of the auto's ornament.

Veritably speaking hunt and almost every one else who has ever scribbled a post on clownland's website could be likened to a reckless driver, who is also way over the limit. For in their wake they leave nothing but a bunch of near misses, a crash or two and a myriad of onlookers scratching their heads and wondering "Where the heck did that jerk learn how to drive?"

Author: jc
Mon, Jul 18th, 2005 06:34:10 PM

Several weeks ago, professor num-nuts and his dopey band of turkotrekkers were agonizing in public over the derivation and meaning of a design they called the "water-tank". Not only is that sobriquet ludicrous but the entire discussion, which went on for days and days, was even more wacky.

OK then, business as usual in the rug sandbox and truly we are not posting here to make fun of these rug ignorants.

Far from that, we have done this only to clue them into what we see as a possible source for their "water-tank" design

So take a look at the columns and field here boys but please donít bother to credit RK for helping to solve your search. We could care less about your "water-tank" and even more so about getting any kudos from y'all.


ps: Here's a little help for you trekkers with rug-challenged perceptions

It's not hard to imagine how the arrow like design in the center medallion morphed into the far more simplistic compass or four points symbol in your "water-tank" .

Author: jc
Sun, Jul 17th, 2005 05:11:07 PM

It is almost unfathomable how the rug knowledge the sandbox set in professor price=clown's romper room possesses does not increase with time. These magpies have been at it for years and some like steev, amstey and others even decades but they still come off as rug ignorants and pissants.

Yessshhh, when will they realize what fools they appear every time they open their mouths in public.

We took a look over there today and found, as usual, a quota of at best questionable statements and attributions. But we did read one, uttered by filiberto, that rings clearly through as true:
"But Iím afraid that this is a fruitless exercise, if our monitors have a different calibration. Unless I take a crash course on Extra-Sensory Perception, that is."

Granted this has been taken out of context but, honestly, there is almost no context there to speak of anyway when almost everything is or can be proven by the facts to be a fruitless exercise.

As for fili's taking an extra-sensory course? RK would definitely be in favor of that, and we might even pay for it, if it brought him to the realization that he and his clowning partners, price&co., are so far out to lunch nothing could ever help them to the groaning board of rug wisdom.

Author: jc
Sat, May 28th, 2005 08:48:03 PM

The rug challenged professor and his rubber- brained band of rug-nuts have so little to say, even about the corundum of synthetic vs. natural dyes which is their latest "topic", that reading their chatter is about as sustaining as a meal at Mc Donalds.

Were it only that their lament was super-size me?

What are you kidding?

Supersizing price=clown's, or for that matter any of the regulars like marvin aka one line amstey or john aka dopey howe's, intellectual capacity for rug studies would still leave them with less than even a miniscule quotient.

It is truly astounding to witness the inane commentaries that are publicly broadcast daily in the rug romper room.

Have these morons of the rug world no shame or self-consciousness? Yessshhhh

Author: jc
Mon, May 23rd, 2005 10:56:36 AM

The rug challenged mini-minds have now tackled the topic of natural vs. synthetic dyes with their usual pedestrian and droll ideas and opinions.

For example, professor price=clown had this to say in response to one of his equally dopey sidekicks:
"The range of colors that can be produced by natural dyes is, as you point out, widely underestimated. Still, the range of colors that actually were produced with natural dyes in central and western Asia is pretty limited, as nearly as anyone can tell."

Well, perhaps if professor price=clown was able to understand the difference between airport art weavings and those that are genuinely antique and made in response to indigenous needs he might not make such a blanket statement.

Sure, the natural dyes found in airport-art weavings, when they are present, are monotonous and of a very limited palette, however, one could never make such an assessment when examining examples produced in the previous decades and centuries.

The later 19th century/early 20th century weavings that price=clown and his buddies collect and try to make sense of lack sophistication and, yes, any real connection to the past. Not only are the dye palettes they demonstrate limited but, more significantly, all the other components of their make-up are as well.

If professor clown and his group had any understanding of facts like these their "discussions" might actually have some merit but since they donít what goes on there is about as worthless old chewing gum wrappers.

There is nothing wrong with expressing one's conjectures and ideas in a public forum, however, to consistently float one's ignorance and dim-witted sputterings, as these turkkotrekkers seem to feel they are entitled to, in the guise of education and expertise makes mockery of not only themselves but the very topic they supposedly respect and envy.

Again it's time for price=clown to realize he needs to take the rug romper-room offline and make it, like barry o'CONell's yahoo email group, a private affair.

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