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Sat, May 28th, 2005 04:24:08 AM
Topic: rippon-boswell spring sale '05

The Spring sale at rippon boswell has their usual assortment of rugs, both good and bad. Comme d'habitude, the cataloger and co-owner of the gallery, sir boswell himself - aka detlef maltzahn, has made some curiously absurd attributions and peppered the descriptions with his usual pedestrian and droll comments - most of which would have been better highlighted and then deleted rather than published.

We planned to preview the sale this week but frankly were too busy with some other matters and, in the end, didn't get around to it.

We will try to do it later this weekend.

We did like a piece or two and our choice was the "Khotan” mat" lot 17:

This is an excellent example of a rare weaving from a group that only occassionally makes an appearance on the market. It is, in our estimation, the best lot in the sale and ridiculously estimated at 4,800 euro. It will sell for much more.

That eastern Turkestan weaving does, however, take the back seat to the "Kashgar” mat coming up early next month at sotheby's in New York:

Listed in the catalog as lot 32, this exemplary, best of type, weaving is a wondrous piece of art. We like it to the max and although the one at rippon is no slouch, the sotheby's piece is just great. It is estimated at 15-20,000 dollars and will, we feel, outpreform that estimate, which by the way is far more realistic than the one sir boswell hung on his piece.

Often the inherent differences between an excellent rug and a great one are, for most collectors and dealers, difficult to discern and by studying carefully these two rare weavings RK feels some of those subtle but telling characteristics should be apparent to all.

Anyway we will deal with both these sales, rippon's and spb's, soon, hopefully over this coming Memorial Day weekend as it is known and celebrated here in the good ole USA -- so stay tuned.

Author: jc
Sat, May 28th, 2005 04:24:08 AM

Let us also take the opportunity to point out again why we feel hali's new editor has been placed into a position that is way over his head.

Reading thru the short preview of the rippon sale that now appears on their website proves quite clearly what we were talking about and how far Ben Evans will have to come to attain even a satisfactory level of competence, let alone a superior one.

No doubt the field of choice was limited and giving Evans the nod was a likely choice. But as we predicted young Ben doesn't have enough rug savvy to do the most important job the editor's position demands, which is to report on what is happening and what happens in the world of antique Oriental rugs.

No matter how you slice the baloney, hali's number one concern is in this arena and no matter how hard they try to deal with other subjects - be they new rugs, quasi reportage on "tribal arts" or contemporary western artist weavings - the bread and butter of this journal is the world of rugs and related weavings made prior to 1900.

RK unequivocally states unless the powers that be at hali squarely face this fact they will find themselves losing even more of their primary subscriber base than they already have lost over the last years and will, in the end, proving even more moribund than their magazine has become.

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