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Mon, Jul 25th, 2005 11:31:58 PM
Topic: A Two-Sided Asymalyk Brouhaha

Over the past few weeks the mini-minds at professor clown's sandbox rug website have been contorting their limited cranial capacities over a supposed two-sided asymalyk that is so ugly and boring we will not bother post its photo here. For those of you who have not already seen it, donít worry you are not missing anything.

The clown and his cohorts have made over 100 posts about this piece of airport art that appears to us to have been made in Iran during the mid-20th century. It has absolutely no ethnographical or historical importance, nor is it beautiful. Well at least in our eyes that is.

One side is silk and the other wool, a fact which has led the sandbox-set to postulate it might have been a pillow for the bridal night. What a joke. One dimwit even stated the newlyweds might have used the silk side in the summer and the wool in winter. Where do these rug-idiots get such outlandish ideas? And why do they feel entitled to spread them in public?

As an aside, and something RK has commented on in the past, is the homage professor clown's crew constantly pays to marla, aka ms. muffins, mallet, who is in our opinion nothing more than a plagiarist who copied the work of Irene Emory. Emory's work on structural analysis culminated with the publication of her "bible" on the subject "The Primary Structures of Fabric".

RK grants Emory's writing and work is very detailed and requires a readerís attention while mallet's classic comic book version is "more user friendly". But that doesnít change the fact mallet has added little if any of her own ideas to those formulated and published by Emory.

One of clownland's posters wrote this recently:
"Marla's contribution to rugdom is immense but the true results of her efforts remain in the future. "

Rest assured this person and the rest of professor clown's circle of rug-nuts have never read Emory's work or most probably even know it exists....and that's not the least of the of the important and necessary facts these rug-posers have overlooked.

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