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Wed, Jul 27th, 2005 04:36:18 PM
Topic: Who Let the Dogs Out, Again?

Extreme dating fans, rejoice galerie arabesque's latest offering on clouband gives you hope.

Seriously now, Rk is quite familiar with the rug this fragment has comes from -- in fact we owned a similarly sized hunk of it some years ago.

There is now way it is anything near "17th century", circa 1800 would be our estimation. The "monumental reciprocal trefoil border" the sellers mention in their presentation might be to some uneducated viewer’s eyes something but, in reality, it is indicative of a circa 1800 date rather than something to imply greater age.

No, folks, once again this galerie has over-stepped the bounds of reasonable dating and fallen into the trap of extreme-dating. We wonder if they really know the difference or are just so eager to hang a foolish date on their goods in the hopes some moke will swallow it hook. line and sinker that they don’t care.

Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead into the unchartered waters of let's see how old we can make it.

By the way, the 5,500 euro price they placed on it is, in our estimation, even more ridiculous than calling it 17th century. Woof, woof

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