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Thu, Jul 21st, 2005 10:23:02 PM
Topic: Fasten Yer Seat-Belts

The House has now passed the bill to extend the Patriot Act and the Senate is marching down the same route.

Sieg Heil.

To quote Ralph Kramden, aka Jackie Gleason, "What a revolting development this is".

How much farther down the road to total government control will we go until the brain-dead steeple electorate of our great country realizes how few of the guarantees of Liberty the Bill of Right and Constitution contain now remain viable?

The almost unanimous consent the compromised, co-opted and cowardly lawmakers in D.C. have given to the Bush Administration's plans to destroy what little is left of the individual freedoms our founding fathers fought and died for proves what spineless yes-men they all are and how it is time for all thinking men and women to wake-up to the reality that, as Ben Franklin said " Those who give up a little of their liberty for security deserve neither".

In the same vein the saying "Those not willing to fight for their liberty will never experience it" rings loud and clear.

RK.com has republished numerous articles in this topic area that demonstrate the totalitarianism our government is promulgating and, more significantly, the lack of protest, or even comment, made by our populace. This, dear readers, is as chillin' as the almost daily loss of respect for Liberty that has taken over our country.

Remember folks, History repeats itself. Sadly for us all, it looks like America will soon be goose-stepping its way to stiff arm salutes and clicking heels in the name of protecting the Freedoms that are being trampled under the shiny black boots of swaggering goons squads as meaningless paeans to security uttered by mealy mouthed politicos echo through a controlled news media that Stalin and Hitler would have envied.

Believe it, baby, this is your future…

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