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Thu, Aug 4th, 2005 06:12:22 AM
Topic: You Like It: It Doesn't Like You

The dangers of cell phone use and being in close proximity to cell phone towers are obvious, however, the public at large (as well as our reps in DC and state legislatures) appear to be obvlious.

We have long known about these dangers and totally eschew wireless communications and proximity to those who make use of them, as well as spending any appreciable time in areas where cell towers and transmissions occcur.

You should too.

We have posted other articles and links to papers written by scientists and informed individuals who have researched the issue and afterwards determined the growing health hazards everyone faces from these devices.,

Here is another article that, if you bother to read it and follow the links provided therein, will make you think twice about picking up that cell phone or spending time near a cell phone tower. :

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