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Sat, Aug 6th, 2005 01:16:31 PM
Topic: Pin the Scan on the Turkey

Surfing through the miasma professor clown and the rest of the mini-minds post is both laughable and pathetic. Why they continue to express what can only be characterized as a wacky desire to prove their ignorance is beyond any level of intelligent comprehension.

Is seeing their names in print such a big a thing that it can overcome the stupidity of the content they seem to feel anyone but themselves, and a bunch of unfortunates who know no better, wish to read?

RK has demonstrated, for anyone to see, the bogus and ill-informed nature of their virtual patter but, quite amazingly, they continue down the merry path of pretending their flap-jawing in public has some "merit" or "value".

Sorry turkotrekkers it doesn’t.

Here is a brief look into their latest attempt to “analyze” and pontificate – it concerns a rather droll and boring Yomud chuval that should be viewed by anyone in the know as barely “collectible”:
Posted by dead-eye jr howe his initial description and, in fact his main reason for submitting it to professor clown’s assembly of dunces, centered on this deduction:
“This border seems vaguely Caucasian to me.”

“Yes, it looks like a variation of the crab border.” chimed in filiberto, who then proceeded to post a number of scans of late 19th and early 20th century “crab borders” that appear on Shahsevan mafrash and some similarly dated Caucasian rugs.

We will not bother to critique the rest of the exchanges these magpies posted as the following comment, made by a lost in the sauce trekker named david hunt, should substantiate, without a doubt, the need for these "people” to take their moronic and befuddled chatter off line and far from public scrutiny:
“Fact is: this should demonstrate without doubt a migration of design from South Caucasus/ North West Persia to Central Asia Turkmen, right?”

Sorry dave but you’ve gotten so entangled in your inept attempt to trace this design’s heritage that you will be forever stuck in that sticky ball of wax you might believe is your ability to convey a cogent thought about an Oriental rug.

To add the icing on the cake, here is another shining example of why steev’s crew of sandbox posers should “smell the flowers” and realize their numbskull musings do not belong online in any public forum:
“It's my understanding that it's a given, the forces exerted upon the Yomud repetoir (sp) by the caucasiasn (sp). But maybe this is a question of perspective, as in perspective of history.”

Unlike bill clinton’s unabashed “ It all depends on what the meanings of ‘is’ is” , here it’s abundantly clear not only does ‘is’ have no meaning neither does anything else those turkotrekker’s scribble.

BTW clowns look to Anatolia (Turkey), not the Caucasus, as the probable source for the later variation of that border design y'all have become fixated on.....

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