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Author:Rupertdacat Fri, Sep 16th, 2005 10:57:39 PM
Topic: Antique Caucasion rugn photos for discussion

Hi JC. I think that you and others in the rug community would be interested in the accompanying photos of two rugs currently on the market. With best wishes, "Rupe"

Author: jc
Fri, Sep 16th, 2005 10:57:39 PM

We believe your suspicions concerning the ages of the two rugs might be misplaced but any feelings they are anything more than classy footwarmers surely is not.

Our suspecting they are jimbo allen's would definitely fit with the grain of your doubts, however, we do seriously believe either of the two is new repro.

In our estimation neither is good enough to be a fake, as repro artists invariably try to put some pizzaz in their work and here we see only attempts to reproduce the accepted forms. And that more than any other aspect (rest assured there are others) is what has led us to this opinion.

Author: Rupertdacat Mon, Sep 12th, 2005 06:27:34 PM

Hi JC. I have no financial interest in either of the rugs nor do I have any relationship _ith the seller. I posted these photos to Rugkazbah.com because I suspected that the rugs are modern production- not antique as advertised. I did not state this up front as I did not _ant to influence/bias you or anyone else. As you, I find nothing inspiring about either one of the rugs. _ith best _ishes, "Rupe" P.S. The double-U on my keyboard is not functioning.

Author: jc
Mon, Sep 12th, 2005 11:48:59 AM

First off let us apologize for making you email these photos when you had already posted them in the Kazbah’s buy/sell/discuss area. Regrettably we did not, until today, look in there, so thanks for posting them there originally and then for emailing us a second set of copies.

All that said, we must state this appears to be a somewhat fruitless exercise, as we do not find in either of these two pieces anything interesting or important. Frankly, they are both, in our opinion, rather uninteresting “antique decorative” or, if you prefer, entry-level “collector” pieces.

The “Malataya” prayer rug

has that typically boring look most post-1850 Turkish prayer rugs demonstrate. While it does have some measures of quality and condition – that’s why we’d class it as “antique decorative” --, needless to say, rugs of this ilk can never get us to say anything else about them.

As for the second piece, what you have called an “antique Chi-Chi Kuba”

we will again have to say it, too, interests us not. It, like the Malataya prayer, has nothing worth talking about – it is not historic, beautiful or noteworthy. Well, at least in our opinion.

We find it somewhat curious that you have sent these photos with, what we perceive as, an intent to publicize their sale.

Do you own them?

Where are they for sale?

Here at RK.com we are glad to discuss rugs on the market and, naturally, their prices. In fact, we encourage all types of discussion concerning every aspect of Oriental rugs, the rug-world and the business of selling and trading them. Unlike other web sites, like professor clown’s sand-box of turkotrekkers where a dearth of experience or expertise prevents any cogent commentary, at RK.com you can always rely our vast knowledge and unbiased stance will provide what we feel is the best source of information about rugs on the internet.

We do welcome you, or any other reader, who feels our assessment of these two rugs is incorrect to present their case but please spare us the “I like it” type of rebuttal and stick to providing facts as to why.

By the way “Rupe”, the style and “look” of the photos you sent-- we are speaking of the ‘photoshop’ presentation not the rugs themselves-- reminds us of jim, aka jimbo, allen’s work. Are you he? And is that why you chose to remain anonymous?

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