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Sun, Mar 19th, 2006 11:49:23 AM
Topic: Turko-Dummy

Expecting professor price=clown and his crew of seriously rug-challenged cohorts to ever provide a discussion of merit is about as foolish as believing our government's intentions in Iraq are as democratic and kind as it has declared them to be.

Besides professor clown himself, the one turko-dummy whose postings are invariably abysmally inane is j.r. howe. His "latest" concern centers on a droll, totally unimportant in any regard, degenerate Kazak area rug:

For the past weeks price=clown, howe and several others have been obsessing about howe's latest purchase( we think it's a'bout time his family stopped his spending more money buying crappy, wasted junk rugs he “thinks/hopes” are otherwise).

The ludicrous, comical verbiage these rug-losers have generated concerning this worthless rag is mind-boggling at best. At the worst it typifies the lack of intelligent and meaningful effort the rug world often time disseminates, especially on the net.

RK.com has repeatedly called for price=clown and his group to remove their virtual rug sandbox of ignorance from the Internet and from public purview to no avail. We are sure we are not the only one to realize dumb "discussions", like the one howe's rug has engendered, should finally prove, if nothing else then how little these turko-dummies know about rugs and how little they've learned over the years.

Will we finally now see professor clown and company fold up the tent and make turkko-trekk into an private email group?

Author: jc
Sun, Mar 19th, 2006 11:49:23 AM

We have heard a RugKazbah.com reader posted our comment Asher Greenwood's rug was a Tekke on terkotek.com. Of course, professor clown attempted to denigrate that attribution by asking for "proof".

detail: airport-art kegebe main rug

Well, since professor price, aka the turko-dummy, would not be able to ascertain proof positive, were it available or even if it jumped up and danced a jig on his monitor, we surely are not going to waste much time trying to convince him, or anyone else, as this is a totally pointless exercise.

However, we will state the minor borders, and the profusion of them as well, all point to Tekke work.

Plus the two kelim with those narrow blue stripes also signal to us this rug was made by an end-of-the-line Tekke weaver. Also the coloration, particularly the indigo blues and lurid red background again are very much indicative of later Tekke work.

There is little doubt this rug is nothing more than a late piece of airport art with no historic or ‘collector’ value.

In addition, we find it, as we do with most airport-art, hard to look at and, in fact, would rather have to baby-sit 6 screaming 2 year olds for life rather than having to look at a monstrosity of a Turkmen rug like this every morning upon awakening.

Regardless, it is a Tekke but, because of its extremely late date (we'd guess circa the late 1880's or early 19890’s) and the melding and conglomeration of separate Turkmen groups that was taking place (and had been for the past 100 years) in Turkmenistan, very few such weavings of this period present "pure", unadulterated connections to any of those formerly sacrosanct Turkmen groupings.

Calling this rug Turkmen is probably the safest provenance one could supply but, should one want to narrow that down further, Tekke is the most likely, and only, provenance that fits.

Author: jc
Thu, Mar 16th, 2006 09:02:22 AM


Tell Asher Greenwood his “kegebe main carpet” is a late, end of the line, Tekke piece of airport-art.

It is not Kizil-Ayak, it is a Tekke.

Gosh, RK knows you and the rest of the crew are familiar with airport-art, as your collections are bursting at the seams with such muck, so recognizing this "kegebe main carpet" as more of the same shouldn't have been too taxing a mental exercise for you all.

We also know the Tekke attribution, which is the correct one, would tax those brain cells way too much and that's the only reason we are providing this bit of info for you.

We know you visit here several times each day, so you can now take this tidbit back over to clownland and enlighten the rest of your flock of circus critters, now that you know the score.

Author: jc
Fri, Mar 3rd, 2006 08:43:44 AM


Rather than waste your valuable time (precious minutes you could be doing more of the important scientific work that has led to those noted "discoveries" littering your CV and career as a physiologist) defending yourself against our assertions you are a bumpkin in any area of inquiry you touch, how about showing RK.com's audience what you supposedly know about oriental rugs?

Here was a perfect example for you to show everyone your grand knowledge of this field, knowledge that allegedly entitles and you to 'moderate' the glorious turdotek.com website.

Did you say anything about this rug when it was posted? Or do you have anything of value to say now?

We say not but from what we hear an increasing number of your "people" are now reading RK.com and by piping up here, you can show them, too.

Forget about your less than meager credentials as a ‘scientist’ and barren as the desert CV -- talk about rugs.

Come on, steev, now’s another opportunity to show us all what you know (or is it, as we see it, what you don’t know) even about a piece of airport-art like this.

Author: jc
Thu, Dec 8th, 2005 11:58:22 AM

Seems professor steev price=clown and his bevy of rug challenged turko-dummies have run out of ideas for their saloon presentations.

Even reducing their efforts to mini-saloons -- micro-mini or even nano-mini might have been more descriptive -- that have lately been the staple of the barely fast-food quality presentations the chief turko-dummy, price himself, and company have thrown up on the turkkotrek.com website has not enabled them to present anything new for weeks.

Or has it been months, as RK rarely bothers to visit price=clown's online amateur-hour.

Actually RK is a bit surprised steev can not come up with any new ideas for his saloons as he spends a good amount of time here on RK.com.

In fact, already this month, which is only just 8 days old, price=clown has visited RK.com 82 times (as of 12 noon today) and hit 318 pages during those visits.

We have extensive reporting software and know for a fact those visits are price=clown's, as the records for that IP address show it is located as follows:

(state of)VIRGINIA

(city of) RICHMOND


and we sincerely doubt anyone else from that educational backwater is so interested in Oriental Rugs that they would visit RK.com 10 per day.

So steev, you rug posing ignoramus, enjoy our site and by the way we will surely not be upset if you want to quote us once in a while but please make sure you give us credit and don't overuse the privilege.

Author: jc
Mon, Nov 7th, 2005 08:53:02 AM

Ahh, the old ignorance is bliss. This adage shines as bright as a supernova in turkko-trekk.com land.

Witness this witless exchange between professor clown and two of his respondents:

Here’s steev:
“Older rugs are, indeed, considered to be more beautiful. By you, by me, probably by almost everyone who reads ****. But I think that's because we have learned to equate age with aesthetics. People not so enlightened (and they make up 99+% of the population), see young rugs as more beautiful. That's why they buy them.”

Well now there are as many holes in the clowning professor’s statement as there are in the swiss-cheese sandwich he probably is eating for lunch today. Firstly, he and the rest of his crowd have proven a distinct inability to differentiate what really is an old rug. Secondly, calling himself and his junior partners “enlightened”, or even alluding to the fact they might be, is so laughable RK can hardly type.

Thirdly, and this is perhaps the worst, is his assurance in so unequivocally revealing the tastes of 99+% of the population. Did the great professor take a scientific/statistical survey? Or did he just make this up, as is his usual modus operandi?

Sorry steev, but 99+% of the population buy new rugs because they are far cheaper and much more plentiful in the marketplace. Only a numbskull like price=clown could believe the BS he wrote.

The exchange continued and one of the nameless equally challenged posters to the price’s playroom followed with these bon mots:
“I think that Steve and others have previously alluded to the fact that today we might be seeing the better examples of earlier weavings, since those are the ones that are most likely to be preserved.”

Another nincompoop speaks. Where do the folks get these dumb ideas? Not only are they ignorant about the rugs themselves but also about the socio-economics of rug production.

Better rugs, or what they think these might be, had no greater chance of being preserved than lesser ones. This is a dopey tautology, period.

The same magpie continued:
“So perhaps in our assessment of older rugs today we are dealing with a biased sample of the more attractive ones because the unfavoured ones have generally met a swifter demise.”

Here’s professor clown’s answer:
“The best pieces are the ones most likely to be preserved, the worst are the ones most likely to find their way into the trash pile. Recent production includes the mediocre in nearly its original proportion. That subset - the majority - is mostly gone from the antique population.”

And another reply from some other lamebrain:
“Makes sense to me. Lucky for those of us who are attracted to this old rug aesthetic that these are the ones that are preserved….But since we all know that rarity is a cornerstone of collectibility and value in antiques, maybe we should start looking out for the unattractive old rugs...”

We are sure RK is not the only one who wonders how anyone, including the authors of such nonsense, could possibly believe steev and company have ever been doing anything else?

Author: jc
Thu, Nov 3rd, 2005 08:34:47 AM

RK has been too busy with other matters to comment on the fool's gold prospected lately on professor clown's website.

We did have the opportunity to look in there today and found, as usual, nothing more than pedantic sputtering and silly banter.

After a reader of their site posted photos of a Baluch mina khani rug asking for more information, and none was forthcoming (who could expect anything different), filiberto responded as follows:
"I’m a little surprised by the lack of response to your rug because is seems a nice, old Baluch...."

Well golly-gosh, filly, what else is news?

And by the way, filly, even when responses to such questions are tendered by you, the clownish professor or any of the rest of the turko-dummys who frequent the sophomoric chat-room you people feel is anything but that, how often have those responses been on target?

We'd have to say rarely at best. And so would anyone else who is objective.

Truly, it's a sad commentary on the rug world to have steev price's turko-duck.com come up as one of the first hits when "oriental rug" is put into any major search engine. Very sad.

Author: jc
Sun, Oct 9th, 2005 02:20:03 PM

Looking into the sand-box this weekend was no different than last -- different day same old turko-babble.

Professor clown should be forbidden from ever writing anything in public concerning his ideas about rugs and j.r. howe's wife should put her foot down and forbid him from buying any more airport art weavings.

Both these clowns have proven beyond a shadow of doubt the lack of any redeeming value those 'efforts' have thus far created or, believe us on this one, will ever.

Author: jc
Mon, Oct 3rd, 2005 09:59:27 AM

Today’s bon mot from professor price=clown:
"Although experienced collectors don't pay much attention to design symbolism, nobody starts out as an experienced collector....Rug appreciation is a pretty complicated set of things that include aesthetics, appreciation for craftsmanship, the romance of the esoteric, vicariously pretending to participate in some foreign culture, and an assortment of neuroses that create the mentality that drives collecting. For most of us, it's fun, educational and intellectually challenging. For those who take it (and themselves) completely seriously, it must be pure hell."

Your ignorance is showing again, steev. Better button up that fly, dummy.

First off every serious collector we know takes design symbolism very seriously. But then again they don't collect airport-art like you do, so we guess from your perspective your statement might hold some miniscule drops of water.

Second we are sure for those like you, and your buddies who collect airport-art, the major attraction is the vicariousness of that activity but again for anyone who is experienced and expert there are no vicarious paybacks for collecting.

There is, however, the active intellectual stimulation of real research and, of course, the passive pleasures derived from the appreciation of real artistic masterpieces. Too bad you, and those of your ilk, are too dense to know the difference

Trust us on this one, steev, when one has passed the barrier between playing with real rugs and studying them, as well as appreciating them, as the historic documents they are, worlds so far unknown to you and the myriad of other like you open up.

By the way it is the fact you have been unable to scale that barrier that is, in essence, our problem with you. Not to mention all the other "problems" you have in trying to be a rug 'expert'.

Lastly, professor clown, we would like to ask you to demonstrate one original thing or thought of significance you have learned from your years of playing with rugs. All we have seen from you and your "collection" is a person who buys mediocre pieces of, at best, craft and, at the worst, commerce, who waxes on, as the bard from London quipped, too "much to do about nothing."

Go ahead, price, try prove us wrong and post a reply. We know you visit here to read what we write frequently and, after all, you have not been shy about trying to prove your ignorance by posting here in the past.

Author: jc
Tue, Sep 27th, 2005 12:04:26 PM

The rug-knowledge challenged turkko-trekkers are now honing in on the likely area of production howe's rug comes from, with guesses that is a Dagestan, Karabagh and who know what else having been tendered.

One of the brighter bulbs on their Xmas tree of ignorance must have read what we wrote, as the suggestion it is a Kazak has now entered into their flap-jawing about this unimportant pile of wool.

Yesshhh, how much clearer does the picture have to become for these numbskulls to realize how out to lunch their daily posting appear to everyone but themselves?

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