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Sat, Oct 1st, 2005 09:37:29 AM
Topic: Prayer Rug, Ensi? We Say Not

Today on our usual Saturday morning jaunt thru Internet websites we spied this rug offered for sale by Alberto Boralevi:

Clearly Mr. Boralevi thinks far more about this late 19th or possibly early 20th century example of airport-art than we do, as he is asking 2,500 euro (about for it $3,000) for it.

In fact, there is nothing we like about the droll contrived design and, judging from the photo, there seems to be no other redeeming features (weave, materials or colors).

But our reaction to the piece itself paled in comparison to the short description Alberto wrote:
“A very unusual and graphic Ersari with directional pattern. Possibly a prayer rug, but it could have been also something else: a door rug (ensi).

We’ll grant Senor Alberto’s idea it is unusual but so what we ask.

Since Boralevi is one of, if not the leading Italian rug scholar in the public’s eye, RK.com is surprised he could possibly believe this rug is anything other than the airport-art we have characterized it as.

We might grant him some leeway in his thought it might possibly be a prayer rug, although we seriously doubt many Ersari were praying to Allah. But stating that this “could possibly be a door rug (ensi) is just bending the spaghetti way too much in our estimation.

Firstly all ensi have certain design characteristics that are completely non-existent in this rug and secondly the size is equally incorrect.

We will also grant writing a hyped description and characterizing this mediocre Turkmen as a ‘prayer rug’ or ‘ensi’ might help Boralevi shuffle it off on some novice 'collector', or someone who “trusts” him, but we surely don’t condone such a practice.

And neither should Boralevi, as far as we are concerned.

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