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Sun, Oct 9th, 2005 10:30:22 AM
Topic: Results at Skinnne'r Fall Sale

In the end, we decided not to bother to preview, let alone attend, the sale yesterday in Boston, even though we were up country for the weekend.

As far as we can remember, since the rug sales have been held there and not in Bolton, Mass there has not been even one rug that has interested us enough to compete for it. We have bid occasionally but because the goods could only be described as lackluster, so was our ardor to compete for them and none came home with us.

Maybe there is some kind of a curse and skinner's should move the rug sales back to Bolton to placate whatever malevolent spirits they have disturbed.

One thing is sure, there were a few great pieces that passed the block in Bolton and none that have done so in Boston.

Anyway, our preview comments were confirmed by the results of the sale, not that they were at anytime in doubt of being so.

Here's what happened to the lots we discussed:
Lot 91, the Akstafa long rug, was unsold and rightly so as it was mediocre and over-estimated in our opinion
Lot 95, the supposed Talish, sold for $9988 (all prices inclusive of premiums) and while that might appear to affirm to some who know little that this was a Talish prayer rug, to us it only signifies how little many buyers at skinners know and how gullible they frequently show themselves to be
Lot 97, the so-called Chelaberd, one of only two pieces we expressed any interest in was unsold, which again doesn't surprise us, as the estimate, and clearly the reserve as well, were pegged too high
Lot 101, the comically named "dragon" Heriz was unsold
Lot 104, the only piece we actually liked, suffered the same unsold fate, again because of the over-estimated catalog price and dopey “sampler” nametag the skinner catalog pasted on it
Lot 106 the over-dated, not so old, Tekke Torba was unsold--what else is new
Lot 109, the misnomered Tekke Chuval, that was really a Kizil Ayak, sold for $999
Lot 125 the Sumak Bag whose authenticity we questioned sold for $2468 -- will we soon be seeing it in one of the planned acor exhibitions?

We heard the saleroom was not not exactly overflowing, nor were the phones ringing off the hook. Both of which don't surprise us as skinners has become, perhaps, the most predictable rug sale room- too bad that predictability implies a don't even bother to look at the catalog, rather than excitement, when the postman leaves it at your door.

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