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Sun, Oct 23rd, 2005 06:18:04 PM
Topic: Fall Sale Results

Both of the Fall sales we previewed, sotheby and skinner, had disappointing results, with about 50% of the lots being bought in (unsold). What else is new?

This would surely not be surprising to anyone who knows both rugs and the "rug market", as the offerings up for grabs were ho-hum at best.

There were naturally a few winners among the hundreds of lots they tried to sell but these were mostly limited to a few "decorator"type antique floorpieces, a market that is far broader and less discriminating than the true" collector" market for antique rugs and other weavings.

We did not preview Christie's London sale and, maybe if time permits, we can all take a look together at a few pieces that might be interesting enough to stimulate RK's pen.

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