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Thu, Nov 24th, 2005 12:05:16 PM
Topic: Turkey of the Year Award

We have decided to initiate a "Turkey of the Year" Award, which will be from now on referred to as the TofYA.

We are now pleased to announce the winner and runner-up for 2005.

As many of our astute readers can imagine choosing this year's winner was not very difficult because one rug world Turkey stands head and shoulders above any of the others.

In fact, his dopey ideas about rugs and his failure to realize just how stupid they are, coupled with his insistence on daily making a fool of himself in public, have insured the garnering of our award.

Yes, it is steev price=clown of turkkotrek.com, who has the dubious honor of winning the first TofYA.


We are sure this is the first, and we are equally sure it will be the last, rug world award professor price=clown has, or will ever receive.

Well, that is unless he wins next year's as well.

We sincerely hope steev will display our trophy in a prominent place in his office or home where it will no doubt draw attention to his lack of rug knowledge and his feckless attempts to prove other wise.

Again, congratulations professor price=clown.

Choosing the runner-up was more difficult and only at the last minute did a dark horse end up sweeping the field.

Perhaps our runner-up is not as well known to our readers as professor price=clown.

But soon he will be, so keep an eye here to learn more about hans sienknecht, from Hamburg, Germany, who has won the runner-up TofYA award for 2005.

We congratulate our winner and runner-up and as soon as they reply to RK.com to tell us the address they want their hard-earned trophy sent to, we would be glad to send it along.

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