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Sun, Nov 27th, 2005 10:56:06 AM
Topic: Rug World Jokesters, Con-Artists & Carpet-Baggers

Today, one of RK.com readers asked us to take a look at a “Chodor” ensi pictured on tom cole’s website.

We did that and afterwards took a jaunt around cole’s cyber-gallery.

We noticed a number of “issues” we could take cole to task for, but honestly, we don’t care enough about him or his supposed expertise to bother.

However, we did notice the following offer cole has extended and could not leaqve it go unnoticed:

“www.tcoletribalrugs.com is offering something NEW for all collectors and rug aficionados!!

It has become clear over the course of the last two years that there are a number of people who hunger for both information about the rug world, the marketplace, the happenings, the trends, the climate in the Asian marketplaces from Istanbul through Uzbekistan to Kabul, as well as the auction houses of NY, London and Wiesbaden.

I have decided to offer my take on the market, on the rugs that hit the public marketplaces and the happenings around the world, incl. the States, Europe and Central Asia.

If you wish to subscribe to a newsletter that will be sent out eight times annually with an unexpurgated, uncensored look at the rug world commencing next month, you may do so for $25 per year. Funds should be transmitted via PayPal so there will be a computerized record of the date you have subscribed which will ensure delivery of this newsletter via email (using a Microsoft WORD attachment) for a full year from the time of your remittance.

Additionally, I have fielded many requests via email and my website for private consultation, ranging from attribution of specific rugs to an assessment of aesthetics to an actual dollar appraisal. For this service, you can subscribe for one year @ $75 for UNLIMITED VERBAL information given over the telephone. Written replies involving assessment of aesthetics and appraisals will require an additional fee per reply, ie. $75 for each reply in writing.

Attributions, both written or verbal, are included in the initial $75 annual subscription fee.

This is your opportunity to tap into a resource that few people have at their fingertips, a person with a point of view based upon many years of experience in marketplaces throughout the world.

You may remit your payment via PayPal using the recipient email address of thomascole@earthlink.net or soundboards@earthlink.net.

Please email me directly your intention to subscribe and your email address will be entered into a different database, ensuring your access to the newsletter and private consultation.

If you any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me, either by phone or email. Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.

Home tel…….. 1 415 4991652 or 4851652
Mobile tel…….1 415 4971541”

After reading this “offer” it was difficult for us to not break out laughing.

Who in their right mind would pay cole, even a measly 25$, for his thoughts, whether on the “marketplace or on any rug?

Looking at the mediocre and, not only in our opinion, over-priced, poorly restored and/or repaired rugs he offers on his website could not, wait a minute now we say should not, energize any collector or fancier of Oriental Rugs to pony up their fee, no matter how small, for his “services”

RK sees this offer as just another rug world joke that surely wasn’t meant to be funny by the comedian who penned it.

So, we have decided to challenge cole to write in here and try to counter what we have written.

We are sure he won’t but should he, let us say outright, he won’t escape unscathed.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 27th, 2005 10:56:06 AM

Let's make this clear:

1. cole is a rug world jokester

2. jim, aka jimbo, allen is a rug world con-artist

3. john, aka johnny-boy, thompson is a rug world carpet-bagger.

For the moment, even though these individuals might be otherwise so characterized, we will leave these designations as described above.

They will also, no doubt, receive further scrutiny here on RK.com along with some others who have taken far too many liberties in their involvement with rugdom and the rugs themselves that are the foundation upon which rugdom rests.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 27th, 2005 09:39:45 AM

Now that RK has decided to set our sights on exposing some of the more blatant charlatans, carpetbaggers, posers and con artists in the rug game, the name jim allen has to be mentioned.

Jimbo, as he is known to most insiders, should be no stranger to any astute RK.com reader, as he has been pilloried here numerous times in the past for his patently stupid ideas about Turkmen rugs and his continuing attempts, many of which have been successful, to pass of mediocre and even reproduction weavings as genuine examples of the rug weaver's art.

We don’t have the time or energy to catalog allen's many transgressions but we would like to draw attention to the conspicuously fallacious sentence jimbo begins his "About Me" description on Ebay, which is by the way his favored avenue for passing off his "treasures of nomadic weaving art" to the unsuspecting:
"When Linda and I lived in Brooklyn, New York, in the 1990's many collectors and dealers came around to see us. I was known as a Turkoman connoisseur, collector, and writer."

This fairy-tale portrait is a phony as most of the rugs allen advertises.

RK met allen in the early 1990's and it is true he lived in Brooklyn, NY on Vanderbilt Ave. with his wife, Linda.

But that is the only fact, the rest total fabrication.

No-one else was visiting allen, as he was not known to anyone in New York, or any where else for the matter, as a Turkmen "connoisseur, collector or writer".

In fact, the reason we did met was because mark shilen asked RK to visit "this guy in Brooklyn who has a Turkmen weaving he wants to find out about.”

Poking holes in allen's self-professed con-job of a bio is as easy getting a big mac at any mcdonalds and we defy allen, or anyone else, to try and counter what we have written about him or any of the others mentioned herein.

The fact the rug world allows people like thompson, cole, dodds, hoffscheister, and others we can and will name, to pass off completely bogus bios, weavings and supposed ethnographic and scientific information, like the reliability of C14 carbon-dating results for non-archaeological weavings, as factual and "important" well support RK's contentions something is rotten in rugdom.

Appreciation, real appreciation, for historic Oriental carpets and related weavings will never come to pass until rugdom cleans out and rids itself of the nonsensical claptrap and humbug (and the people who fabricate it) that litters our playing field.

RK hopes one or all of the names we have named and ridiculed on this website to try and silence us.

We will be glad to meet them on any legal playing field and relish the opportunity to prove our statements.

Author: jc
Sun, Nov 27th, 2005 02:26:25 AM

Eclipsing cole as a jokester is none other than ex-dr. john thompson.

Many in the rug world know little truth about who Thompson really is and want he stands for, or doesn’t in our terminology.

For instance how he was thrown out of his job with the national health organization in England. Remember he was a medical doctor...'was' is the salient word here.

Carpet magic, his most famous book? Do you all know every piece in that book was chosen not for it's merits but because the owners

paid a fee of 200 English pounds to have their wares displayed therein?

How about them apples?

RK was formerly, prior to 1983, quite buddy-buddy with thompson but his insistent, and incessant, annoying attempts to buy pieces from RK's private collection finally led RK giving him the gate.

We could go on but why bother?

Anyway go to thompson's lectures and book signings and ask him why he was let go by National Health in England.

Ask him about how his back-stabbing, client grabbing modus operandi caused a falling out with another rug world creep, ebberrrrrhard herrmann?

Ask him about the required payment everyone who got a piece, or pieces, in the carpet magic book had to pay for each illustration.

RK has had enough of the emperor's new clothes syndrome that is epidemic in the rug world. And this is just the beginning of our unmasking greedy posers like johnny-boy thompson, hoffscheister et.al.

So stay tuned and learn the truth about these carpetbaggers instead of the pabulum and fairy-tales hali, icoc, acor, etc. feed you year after year.

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