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Wed, Dec 7th, 2005 02:09:15 PM
Topic: Jokesters, Con-Artists & Carpet-Baggers Part II

Just for grins, this morning RK visited the ‘subscribe here’ portion of the hali website and learned the price to receive the advert laden rag for one year costs 139 British pounds. That $240 for the six bi monthly issues--$40.00 per issue.

Yessshh are those of you who shell out your cash to read the mostly self-promoting drivel and insider puff-ups that characterize most of the pages that are not adverts daft?

Or have you all be hypnotized by the hype surrounding the supposed de rigueur necessity of reading it?

RK has never subscribed and, in fact, it's been about a year since we even held on of those glossy pages filled with paeans to alleged "rug gods" like dodds, franses, the rugniks, et.al.

Trust us on this one, we used to look the issues over prior to year 2000 but since then we honestly don't even bother.

Is our, or would your rug life, be thus stunted by eschewing reading hali.

Speaking for ourself, we'd have to say absolutely not.

Fact is, the reportage in hali has gone straight down hill since 1983 (when al, aka mr. markupsome, marcuson was installed as the editor because franses wanted to sell the mag and needed to unload his responsibility as publisher to someone, anyone.

To be perfectly fair, mr. markupsome did not do too bad a job as editor and his abrupt dismissal was because of his propensity to believe the magazine was his personal fiefdom, rather than that of the corporation that actually owned it.

The story of markupsome’s summary ejection from the hali offices is an interesting one that will, perhaps, someday be made public here on RK.com but, for now, will have to remain undisclosed.

But let us say his ejection from the editor's desk and the substitution of his deputy editor danny, aka hamburger danny, schaeffer did nothing to improve the magazine's content -- far from it as that is when hali began the steep declining spiral that continues today.

For what ever reasons some years later when the corporate management decided to kick schaeffer upstairs and install ben, aka jimmy olsen, evans into the editor's job it surely wasn't to make the magazine's content better.

Perhaps that's the best joke as evans knows far less than schaeffer, who for all intents and purposes basically had only rug 101 under his belt, and still does in our estimation.

Clearly hali's ability to do anything other than praise the goods their advertisers purchase or offer has always been limited but now it is strangled by it's inability to even make any attempts to honestly and fairly report the goings on in rugdom.

RK knows this is not only their fault as their audience, right folks that's you who pay that outrageous $240 a year, allows them to get away with the self promotion, bogus accolades for their advertisers and in-group rug world swells and, of course, their reportage that is slanted and stilted to do likewise.

RK believes hali should be free, or they should pay readers to look at all those cute ads for rugs dealers have often bought at auction and then marked up two and even three times what they paid for them.

Regardless of these facts, paying $40.00 an issue to be bombarded with adverts and to read text that is often only written to promote the status quo of hali's need to keep advertiser's paying for those ads is, in RK estimation, a joke of major proportions....only nobody is laughing but us and a few other insiders who know what's really up.

Author: jc
Wed, Dec 7th, 2005 02:09:15 PM

When speaking of jokesters one cannot help but mention the name shiv sikri, whose opinions about rugs are mostly laughable and frequently absurd.

The assortment of worn, often uninteresting rugs sikri has managed to collect, and believes to be an ‘important’ collection, are by and large as unimportant as a six year old’s belief bringing his glove to Yankee Stadium and sitting in the bleachers will help the Yankees win the World Series in September.

He, like sikri, is so far off the money it’s a joke and it would be impossible to prove otherwise.

Since we are talking about rug world jokes and jokesters the majority of sikri’s offerings as a dealer, and his collection as RK remembers it, can only be characterized as humor.

Here’s his latest attempt at stand up comedy:

Advertised on cloubland.com as follows:
”An Archaic Medallion Bergama”
RK would like to ask sikri if he really knows what the word archaic means and secondly if he knows what connotations it should carry when used in conjunction with a weaving.

Clearly sikri is intelligent and educated, however, from what RK has seen, and knows from direct contact with him, we would never so characterize his efforts in rugdom as such.

RK well knows what “archaic” means in relation to weaving and thinks it horrendous a jokester like sikri gets to wantonly throw around a term that should only be far more carefully and astutely used.

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