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Thu, Dec 8th, 2005 11:58:55 AM
Topic: Slander or Truth

We just received a forwarded email from "abu afak@yahoo.ie" entitled "Cassin BS".

There was no message except for several attachments copied from a post we wrote about two auction bids and purchases mark, aka mr. feldmo, feldman tendered.

Looking at it carefully we noticed feldman was the recepient.

Not knowing who this "abu afak" is we picked up the phone and called feldman.

Well to say mr feldmo had his knickers in a twist might be an understatement and we thought he might have a coronary as he instantly flipped out and started into screaming tantrum of invective and absurd accusation.

We could not get a word in edgewise before he hung up.

We waited a few minutes and called back and again he started squawking and threatening to sue for slander with malicious intent.

Seems mr feldmo was upset about our characterizing his rise to fame certain quarters of the rug world as being based on a "few high profile buys", as well as his failure to assess the true value of an asymalyk for which he bid $1400 that ended up selling for sold for $12,000.

He also started yakey-yaking about how we misrepresented his great eye and rug savvy.

He even said “I know more about what pieces are worth then anyone else in America”, which was as dumb and myopic as he believing we could be sued successfully for slander. Not to mention a host of other dopey statements he made during the silly and absurd one way conversation he had with himself with us on the other end of the line.

While we agree he has some fine pieces in his collection, he also has pieces that are less than stellar in our estimation.

He then went on to call us a "rank amateur" and to deride our selling some pieces on ebay that he called “garbage”.

Unlike the thin-skinned feldman, RK doesn't care what other people say about us, pieces we sell or have sold or even our private our collection -- in fact we could care less.

Plus we know the difference between slander with malicious intent and truthful commentary that is well within the bounds of the freedom of speech guaranteed by the Bill of Right and the Constitution.

RK has access to great attorneys and has carefully read the boundaries separating slander from protected speech.

Clearly feldman hasn't and his hollow threats cascaded off our back like water off the proverbial duck’s.

While we clearly recognize folks like feldman, and others we have spotlighted on RK.com, might not be happy with what we write, all we can say to them is tough luck, charley.

feldman is not the first person to threaten us and we are sure he won’t be the last. But rest assured we are not afraid and will continue to call it as we see it, regardless of who we piss off or anger in the process.

As the title of this Topic Area says "Truth Hurts" and clearly that’s what irked feldmo.

So pipe down mark and relax.

And if we are so unimportant and RK.com is so worthless, as you squealed several times during your phone fit, that no-one cares about it, why worry?

We and our entire readership know RK.com presents an unbiased view of the rug world and while, naturally, we pick and choose what to write about, what we do write is 100% factual and within the boundaries of Free Speech.

Author: jc
Wed, Dec 7th, 2005 07:52:50 PM

Guess we can chalk up another dumb as a rock dingo on RK’s blackboard of the vanquished, now that "ashok p." has proven his lack of mettle.

From the beginning we suspected he was a put up job aiming to lure RK into the nether world of BS and cry baby antics a mini-mind like feldmo might conjure up and think we’d fall for.

While mr feldman has proven some prowess as a stock trader and closet rug dealer, he never convinced us he was anything other than just another ruggie with a checkbook.

Frankly, that's what's at the bottom of his displeasure, that RK pegged him as what we have stated -- someone who made a reputation in some quarters of the rug world based on several high profile buys.

We'd never deny he hasn't proven his ability to buy a great rug but neither has he proven conclusively to us he doesn't buy lesser ones, as well.

Or that he truly understands the difference.

So, "ashok p.", your attempt to prove anything other than what a bogus BS'er you are failed, and are we to imagine it's back to the drawing board for you and your "handler", be it feldmo or someone else?

If so, we’re here waiting but next time please put some more thought into it, OK?

You were no contest and if there is one thing that is apparent, it’s RK likes a good contest…keeps us on our toes, you know.

Author: Ashoh P
email: AshohP@hsc.vcu.edu
Tue, Dec 6th, 2005 08:15:23 AM

RK's replies:

Well, well "ashok p." what did feldmo do to you to engender such love and respect?

We are sure we'd all love to hear the tale of woe you seem to hold so close and dear to your heart.

Should you bless us and our readership with the particulars we will listen with open ears. However, if you continue making unsubstantiated and reckless accussations about mr marc feldman or anyone else, we will have no choice other than to prevent your posting them here.

While we recognize our propensity to " rip up"(those are your words) those who deserve such treatment, we always provide the facts to support our claims.

We have never ripped up anyone who didn't deserve it and we have never, nor will we, rip up someone without supplying proper documentation to back up our words.

So "ashok p." it's either put up or shut up time for you and believe us on this one if you continue your felmo bashing without documentation you will be banned from this discussion board.


One other point young man. You would be saddly amiss to underestimate Marc Feldman. Most of the people that you "rip up" are at worst small time and petty but I believe Marc "the Feldmonster" Feldman to be truly a monster, the face of evil. Beware of the Feldmonster! Beware Jack he is worse than you cam imagine.

Author: Askok P
Tue, Dec 6th, 2005 08:00:11 AM

RK's reply:

Were it not for our credo to allow anyone to post anything on RK.com we'd wipe this post off in a eye blink because we do not agree with anything so stated, nor has the author provided any support for his ludicrous and absurd comments.

However, any repeat preformance from this poster will incur immediate eradication and, perhaps, our perogative to ban him from any future participation.

RK.com is not an attack site but we will never shrink from presenting critique and criticism of those who publicly disseminate their dopey, dumb ideas about rugs as important, factual or salient when RK knows, and can prove, them to be nothing more than plain old nonsense or agenda driven mis- and/or dis-information.


Sorry Jack I was wrong to be rude. This is amazing! I thought Marc "the Feldmonster"Feldman was upset about something serious. This whack job must be the vainest, most vile, narcissistic man in rug dealing/collecting. Now I see why you are so protective of the Feldmonster. Marc is one of the few people in the world who makes you look sane and sensible. No offence Jack but you do push the envelope. Still you are nothing in comparission to Marc Feldman's anguished soul. I am sure you know about him and McWendorf... nuff said.

Author: Ashok P.
Mon, Dec 5th, 2005 10:20:30 AM

RK's reply:

Glad you recognize what is obvious -- that your are a weasel.

Just to satisfy your wanton curiosity, and because clearly you are not the brightest bulb on anyone's tree, here is the post that mr feldmo took undue exception to.

But hey "ashok p." are you sure you'll even be able to comprehend it? Here it is: ======================================

To say the Internet has revolutionized the way oriental rugs are bought and sold would be a rather modest understatement. Each day there are innumerable offerings of rugs online but most of them, in fact 99.9% in our estimation, have little or no genuine historic or “collector” importance.

Having said that we do know from personal experience there are times, though rare as those instances maybe, that significant pieces come to the market thru the digital world.

For instance, this month it seems a rather active “collector” from New York has been a busy beaver with his mouse in hand bidding on two pieces he obviously believed deserved his attention -- one of which he successfully purchased and the other not. We’d readily agree with his having become interested in these rugs but surely not with the way he ended up expressing that interest.

We did not learn of these offerings before the fact but, in all honestly, it would not have made any difference had we.


Well, frankly, while we can appreciate the fact both are head and shoulders above the usual ilk of supposed “collector rugs” that enter the virtual marketplace each week, neither one of these was important enough, historic or that beautiful to get us to raise our virtual paddle.

Unlike mark, aka mr. feldmo, feldman, who is the collector in question, RK doesn’t get excited easily, nor do we eagerly rush to bid on just anything that’s better than the norm.

The first of the pieces, a Yomud asymalk:

appeared at a sale in Philadelphia, Pa. that listed their goods online as well. Seems mr feldmo liked it to the tune of $1400, a price we feel was rather niggardly. While we would not class it as an important find, the rare design used for the field is more than just interesting and is definitely worthy of attention.

A number of bidders agreed and feldmo’s $1400 price was quickly trounced and the asmalyk ended up bringing $12,000.oo plus premiums from a bidder who was actually in the salesroom.

Had this asmalyk been any older than mid-19th century (a date that you can trust is accurate) its purchase at that price level, or even a higher one, would have to be considered an astute one and a coup. But since it was, in our opinion, not any older than circa 1850 at best we’d have to state its purchase at somewhat more than $13,000.oo was a bit too much – actually big bit as far as we are concerned.

The second piece, a Senneh prayer kelim:
didn’t escape mr. feldmo’s butterfly net and he “got it” for $7500.oo. It appeared at an auction gallery in Oak Park, Illinois that also listed its wares online.

Again, we have to agree with feldmo’s desire to own it but because it isn’t a best of type or a truly “great” example in our eyes – the famous one formerly owned by Arthur D. Jenkins that is now in the Textile Museum’s collection sets the benchmark for all Senneh prayer kelims, we don’t feel feldman’s purchase was anything more than just an OK one.

But one thing is sure, it demonstrates a far better level of rug collecting savvy than bidding a measly $1400.oo for an asmalyk that we find to be, on all levels, not much less interesting or significant. And while his purchasing the Senneh kelim for $7500.oo+ premium was more astute than having ended up with the asmalyk for $12,000.oo+ premium, it does show feldmo’s alleged reputation as a rug savant is, in our estimate, mostly hype and a reflection of the reputation he has gotten for his sometimes high profile buys at public auctions.

We can make such an assessment with ample assurance as, over the past 15 years or so, RK has had a number of run ins of all types with mr feldmo and therefore what we say is not at all without reason, nor were we at all surprised by his moves.

There are a number of other “collectors” we know who, like mr. feldmo, have enough greenbacks in their wallets to buy whatever they want but, also like him, invariably throw their money at pieces without really understanding what they should be paying, as feldman's recent interent foray well proves.


You guesses it I am on weasel. Whick pages mention Feldmonster?

Author: Ashok P.
Mon, Dec 5th, 2005 08:37:21 AM

RK's reply:

"askok p.":

RK scared? Are you on drugs or what, weasel?

Your post is again nonsense and you, little man, are even worse.

Listen up carefully now. If you continue prove your inablility to understand the English language, the issue in question and how to act we will ban you.

We have located your IP address to Rockville, Md. and it is only a question of time, and short that will be, until we come visiting.

So hope you have enjoyed you 5 minutes of fame thanks to RK.com's open door policy but remember, dingo, that door also shuts tight and miscreants like you have had more than their fingers squeezed in the process.

You're on notice now and as they say in the salesroom going once, going twice...


Ha ha! it is fun to see you scared. I wish I knew what the feldmonster did to you to shut you up. You went from tough guy jack to a scared little girl. You do not even have the balls to say what you think we are accusing the feldmonster of. Can you sing in the boys choir now jack_ss? Let me ask you politely you scared little girl. Where are the posts that upset Marc. I do not want to go through the drivel on this poor excuse for a webb site to find them.

Author: Ashok P.
Fri, Dec 2nd, 2005 09:49:33 AM

RK replies:

We have good reason to believe this email is bogus as a four dollar bill, as mr "ashok p's" post comes from the Richmond VA area and we are sure his name is as phony as his intent.

Regardless of the veracity of his intentions let us make this patently clear:

1. we identified mr mark feldman by name

2. we do not in the slightest agree with the characterization of feldman "ashok p.'s" post describes

3. while we do not in any respect agree with feldman's over rated sense of his rug "eye", knowledge or expertise we recognize he is head and shoulders above most, in not almost all, other collectors and dealers we know. He may not be the "rug god" he thinks he is but he is, as we just said, plenty good at the rug game and has proven it by his buying, regardless of the boners he pulled and we commented on herein that are the source of this brouhaha.

4. The accussations presented in the email below are, to our experience with feldman, definitely not valid and if this "ashok p." can substantiate his we welcome him to provide proper support or documentation. However, we will not condone his, or anyone's, senseless and/or baseless attacks on feldman, ourself, or anyone else. Be fair warned on that one.

5. And just for the record we didn't go light on feldman nor did we come down with a falsebased ton of bricks. We stand by what we wrote and are not afraid of his, or anyone's, hollow threats to silence us or to try an ameliorate our credo to publish facts and not innuendo or any thing that could be accussed of being motivated by any hidden agenda or influence.


Dear Honorable and esteemed Mr. Cassin Please if you will stop playing softball with feldman. You rightly castigate so many people but with feldmo you go light. I guess his threats got to you. For a start you did not mention his first name and you did not link to the articles that upset him. If this is Marc Feldman then spill the dirt on that slimeball. He is the worst of those mentioned. Ashok P.

Author: jc
Wed, Nov 30th, 2005 04:47:18 PM

RK.com is an open, unmoderated field and if feldman or anyone else is displeased with our comments or reportage all they have to do is write in and their views will be posted.

We have, since inception, maintained our stated policy of allowing all comments to stand and have never knowingly deleted a post, not one. They are all still here for anyone to view.

So instead of cry-baby BS and tantrums like feldman just threw, we'd suggest writing in.

But recognize and do not forget we do not suffer fools and miscreants well, nor are we afraid of criticism or critique, be it above or below the belt.

However, let us clearly state we will hold responsible those whose ire transcends the boundaries of lawful free speech and action.

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