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Wed, Aug 3rd, 2005 11:19:18 PM
Topic: Archive of Past Posts

We have added an Archive Area of Past Posts that can be accessed from the discussion board. Each month, or at other intervals of our choosing, we will place discussion threads in their entirety there rather than deleting them.

Author: Us at Rugkazbah
Sun, Jun 26th, 2005 11:33:33 AM

Here is our better late than never answer to the post below:

Clearly the weasel who wrote this is not only ill-informed but a coward. We have had over the years RK.com has been online a number of similar mealy-mouthed creeps who take advantage of the RK's open format to spill their worthless chatter.

We could easily wipe this post off but chose to leave it to prove not only our word to allow anyone to say anything here, even anonymously, but more importantly to show what a fool this miscreant truly is. And by the way, his ability to express himself cogently is about as poor as his message. Tsk Tsk


The Rugkazbah condones and even encourages drivel and misleading hype to masquerade as fact. RK.com's continuing contribution to this situation should be no surprise to anyone and now in this Topic Area Rk.com and its readers can cite some of the more egregious past as well as present examples that exisit here in the Kazabah. Why? Because RK.com, and we are sure many others, feel it's time this ceased and by publicizing it, we hope that we will recieve enough complaints that we can finally shut this stupid board down.

RK's reply:
AGAIN we would state this poster is nothing but a troubled less than average fool who feels his inept writing will do anything but convince any thinking individual he is anything otherthan how we picture him.

Go ahead, weasel, cite some of the references you make mention of. We are here and write in our own name, why don't you?

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 27th, 2005 09:39:56 AM

Hi Stephanie:

Thanks for your kinds words.

Stephanie is the one of the organizers of the Textile Group Los Angeles, which is one of two groups of rug and textile aficionados in the greater LA area.

Her husband, Brian, is a long time collector and private dealer who some years ago did a book on Yastiks.

Author: Stephanie Kline Morehouse
email: TGLAincorp@aol.com
Fri, Feb 25th, 2005 12:06:29 AM

Dear Jack, I just love your discussions. They are right on! (well, most of the time). Regards, Steph

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