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Wed, Dec 14th, 2005 08:41:17 AM
Topic: Fear and Loathing on the Rug Trail

Clearly there are a number of ruggies -- be they dealer, collector, editor or just interested parties -- who fear what RK knows and writes and loath the fact we are able to keep doing it.

Like water of a duck's back we have shaken off their puny attempts to silence us or to take down our site.

So to all of you out there -- you know very well who you are and often we do, too, and have proven it by frequently exposing you -- let this be a warning:

RK will not only keep to our mission of providing a truthful, non agenda driven look at the rug world, the people who frequent that tiny universe and, most importantly, the weavings that are the cornerstone and foundation of that universe but we will intensify our examination of them.

So if you are contemplating any action that could be interpreted as being directed against our stated purpose or anything that might be judged as less than savory be warned we will squash you, and your mis-directed deeds, like we would a fly on the wall.

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