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Fri, Dec 16th, 2005 11:12:44 PM
Topic: RK Knows Silence is Consent and You Do, Too

This evening we received an email from a reader who asked why “…none of the jokers, con-artists or carpet-baggers…ridiculed on RK.com have protested…” having their ‘good names’ besmirched by the likes of us.

Good question, mate, but let us assure you these folks can't lick our boots and they know it.

That's why they remain as mute as Harpo. Too bad they're not as funny, well at least not on purpose.

OK then let's be serious here.

The reason is clear as the nose on yer face, man -- they know what we have written is true and factual, they have nothing to say.

Way back when the Vietnam War was brewing up, those of us who knew what a waste of human life it was chanted " Silence is Consent" and that's about all RK can say about why there is no protest or denial of one iota of what is written here.

We've said this before and, probably, we'll say it again.

By the way, we'd welcome any one, or all, of their appearances here on RK.com -- all they have to do is post their side, if they have the nerve to.

But as RK's grand-daddy always would say "There's only one side to the truth".

And that truth is ours and these jokesters, con-artists and carpet-baggers know it.

And now so do our legions of readers.

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