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Fri, Dec 23rd, 2005 10:04:52 AM
Topic: Mini-Minds Ponder "Salor" Chuval

RK doesn’t care very much about what happens on Ebay either on the buying or selling end, we don’t have enough time to canvas what appears there nor do we have the type of goods suitable for Ebay.

That said we have sold a few things on Ebay and bought a few as well.

To explain further lets us say the following:
1. we have someone who has listed some extraneous items for us on Ebay and has been paid to do all the work, except we wrote the descriptions.

2. we have two individuals who regularly canvas Ebay inform us of items they feel might be of interest to us and, if we do buy them, they are paid a 20% commission.

Several weeks ago we received the following photo of a “Tekke” chuval listed on Ebay

After calling the owner, Khalil Zamini, and having him email us some other photos of this “piece” and discussing it with him at length we decided against purchasing it.

By the way, he agreed to sell it to us for $900.oo.

The reasons we declined to purchase it were as following:

1.it is not S group, as the knot is asymmetric open right
2. it is a late example that probably has some synthetic dye present.

When we were first sent the photo we knew it was a later example but until receiving the series of subsequent photos the owner sent us we were unable to determine anything more about it.

Obviously after receiving those photos we were able to place it correctly and had no further interest in it.

We still have no interest in the piece, however, after receiving an email today from a RK.com reader who asked us for an “opinion” on a Salor chuval pictured on professor steev price=clown’s website we recognized it as same one that had been on Ebay.

Here is the photo from professor clown’s website:

Seems a bob emory purchased it and presented it to a group of ruggies recently and that is where this photo was taken.

The caption posted along with it makes reference to a number of these ruggies pondering over it.

Well ponder away, ruggies, but note there is little to ponder here, as this chuval is a late, garish example – barely a remnant of Turkmen art and culture.

Two other pieces of info before we sign off here:
1. the owner emailed us and told us he had sold it for $999.oo.

2. When RK was in India in 1980 and 1981 doing research on Kashmir Shawls we saw several genuine but late “S” group chuval with synthetic dyes, garish coloring and somewhat degenerative designs, as bob emory’s piece also demonstrates.

We didn’t bring any of those home with us, although it seems we should have as they were less than $100.oo each and clearly, as mr emory’s purchase reveals, there seems to be a market for them at considerably higher prices now.

Horses for courses and emory’s piece might place or even show at some racetrack for old nags but it could not win such a race, even against such competition.

RK hopes those assembled ruggies who poured over this chuval trying to figure it out didn’t burst any brain cells in trying, or did they??

Author: jc
Fri, Dec 23rd, 2005 10:04:52 AM

We just had a nice phone conversation with Bob Emory and he confirmed what we have previously stated about the chuval -- that is it open right and has varying degrees of warp depression.

As for the presence of synthetic dyes, he did not have anything definitive to say and, though we feel there probably is some presence of synthetic dyestuff, the "issue" will have to remain unsolved until someone performs a carefully done dye test.

Emory also told us there is a small bit of white cotton in the center row of gols and this plus the open right knot implies a strong possiblitiy this chuval, like others that are open right, might have been made by some Saryk group.

By the way Emory knew it was open right and our comments about "mini-minds" pondering was in no way meant to include him, as jr howe made it clear the mini-minds were those pondering it and not the owner who brought it there.

Author: jc
Fri, Dec 23rd, 2005 09:21:22 AM

We have received several emails accusing us of posting an anonymous message on professor price=clown's amateur-hour board stating this chuval is open right with no warp depression.

We can assure those skeptics we wouldn't bother, nor do we need to.

We clearly stated it was open right here on RK.com and, as the picture below clearly shows, there is some warp depression although it is not as uniform as a true archaic or classic period "S" group piece would display.

Here is another photo, of the back of the chuval, the owner who listed it on Ebay sent to us last November when it was listed for sale:

We did have a jpeg of the front that showed the open right positioning of the knot but deleted it with the rest of the photos he sent us.

The chuval emory bought is nothing more than an end of the line, open right, pseudo "S" group weaving.

It surely is worth $999.oo if that is in fact what he paid, but just not to us.

It is open right, has late garish natural colors and probably some synthetic dye and these characteristics made it undesirable, regardless of its "price".

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