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Tue, Dec 27th, 2005 04:04:13 PM
Topic: re:posting "Ballard's is Better"

This photo and parts of the description below were posted here January 17th 2005, almost exactly one year ago.

James Ballard/Met. Museum________________________________ LACMA/dodds

The LACMA/dodds rug is quite analogous to this one. Especially what is known as the ragged-leaf in the main border they both utilize. The LACMA rug's version is an abbreviated skeletonized version of both the Ballard and its archetype, as seen in this border detail:

While Ballardís rug is not nearly the earliest or the best of its type, the all too stylized version of the ragged-leaf border there is much preferable, and honest, than that attempted in the rug to its right.

The border detail is from, what RK considers to be the archetypal example of the LACMA Rug -- we have already pictured it and will do so again later.

Note: the source for the ragged leaf border owes its generation to the ground, as in figure/ground, of Kufic borders.

That topic is really not germane here but noticing the cold, abbreviated and very calculated character of the LACMA border versus the exhuberant and complex one in this border detail definitely is.

The design in the two guard border on either side of the ragged leaf borders in the LACMA rug are, again, nothing more than a diluted and compressed spin-off of what appears in the Ballard example.

Comparing any aspect of the LACMA/dodds rug, not only the border structure, to any real circa 1600 re-entrant returns the same result.

There is no doubt the rug is nothing more than a late period reproduction.

It doesnít belong in LACMA or any other art museum.

Dodds should be honest enough to admit his error and undo the sale.

By the way RK.com will shortly release some quite interesting information about the rug.

Stay tuned

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