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Author:Tony Smith
Thu, Dec 29th, 2005 10:33:57 AM
Topic: Could This Be?

RK Replies:

Greetings Dr. Smith and thanks for your post and, of course, your previous post about having been offered the LACMA/dodds rug by dodds 3 years before he sold it to LACMA’s Collector’s Committee.

As we wrote before dodds obviously used, and to good effect, the old rug dealer adage “If it doesn’t sell raise the price"

Anyway we have some new development we will be releasing soon about the LACMA rug so your posting again was right on time.

As for the jim aka jimbo allen Caucasian rug you are curious about? We agree it doesn’t look right and the points you mention are quite valid.

Here is a detail photo of the piece that allen posted along side his advertisement for the piece:

The inner vertical and horizontal row of boteh are a curious touch we question. As well as the inner most guard border of ‘five spot’ and colored squares. We don’t remember ever seeing that minor border used in conjunction with the paired black and blue ‘sawtooth’ minor borders.

Plus the main border appears to us far too simplistic considering all the projected activity in the field drawing.

In the absence of details of the weave, or better yet handling it, we’d still be hard pressed to say this was not a recently minted invention, especially considering the seller's history of presenting overly restored or out right new rugs as “antique museum quality treasures”.

When dealing with the likes of jimbo all we can suggest is caveat emptor and your suspicions are, in our estimation, well put and definitely not to be ignored.


After some reflection, I've decided to repost my inquiry made several hours ago about a Caucasian rug offered by Jim Allen on Jozan.net.

I now realize I erred in my previous post talking about two different pieces. The one currently on Jozan is the same as the piece offered several months ago.

I've been interested in antique weavings for at least 10 years and this piece just doesn't seem right to me.

As a physician, I'm held to strict ethical standards in my practice and have grown tired of what passes for acceptable behavior in the rug world.

I've previously posted on this site commenting on my eperiences with Dennis Dodds with respect to the "Bellini" piece he sold to LACMA.

I was offered it by Dodds for $135,000 in 2001, even with a 6 month payment plan. My other post recounts this and other interactions with Mr. Dodds.

With respect to the "mid 19th century" white ground Caucasian currently offered by Mr. Allen, I'd like your input as to the age and authenticity of this piece.

The main border and minor borders look quite rote and unimaginative for a piece of this age and the coloration seems wrong. The drawing also seems stiff and formulaic

I have emailed pictures of the rug to RK.com and ask you to please put them in this post.

Thank you in advance for any input you or RK.com's readers can offer.

Author: wallyrug
email: wallyrug@nycap.rr.com
Thu, Dec 29th, 2005 10:33:57 AM

RK Replies:

Hi Wally, thanks for tuning in here at RK.com.

Yes, seeing you was also a surprise...

You're right on about jimbo allen and his continuing Ebay shuffle. You'd think by now he'd have already passed off enough new wool as old to have already been run-off the web.

And as for dodds and the analogy you made of him as a big bullfrog? Calling a smooth rug world operator like dodds anything other than a carpet-bagger gives him too much credit in our estimation, so we'd have to demure on agreeing with your bullfrog image.


Jack It was good to see you after 20 years?

The drawing looks stiff has a copied/programed look.

Many years ago I bought some rugs/bags from this master of color manipulation (a-take money & run bay).

Enough said.

Mr. Dodds & I did some business late 70's he's just a big old puffed up bullfrog.


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