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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Fri, Jun 23rd, 2006 10:45:10 AM
Topic: RK's New Year Message

For those readers who did not read our "Christmas Message" what follows is a repeat of that posting with these added comments up front.

For those of you who did read it, we hope you will re-read it and, of course, continue to think carefully about what we wrote.

The end of the year has become for our generations "party time" rather than "reflection time", something RK feels needs to be addressed.

RK surely is no prude when it comes to having a good time but, really now, how can one frivolously enjoy ones self when there is so much unnecessary War, Suffering, Misery caused by today’s astronomical political, social and economic problems?

RK well realizes there has always been suffering and inequity, but considering the advances civilization has made over the past 200 years, we feel it is time to focus some of those advances, and far more 'consciousness' of this situation, to rectifying the sum total of the human condition on Earth.

The politics of suffering are too entrenched and need to be rooted out and replaced with the politics of compassion.

Think about it and better yet do something about it.

Remember the original spirit of Christmas and New Years was not to go buy presents or party till one drops.

And also don't forget it is better to give than to receive.


Our country, The United States of America, and in fact the entire industrialized Western World, is now clearly well on the road to replacing the democratic guarantees that have been the foundation of these great nations with totalitarian measures of extremes never before seen on those shores.

Today’s news of the Senate’s intention to approve a 6 month extension of the horrid USA Patriot Act, the governor of Ohio’s professed intention to sign legislation allowing the immediate arrest and incarceration of any one who refuses to produce documentation of their identity when asked even though they are not accused, or even involved, in any unlawful activity and Great Britain’s plan to record on cameras, which by the way are already in place, and database store the comings and going of all motorists give chilling proof to this fact.

Our forefathers fought and gave their lives to establish a country of freedoms or have you all forgotten?

The Constitution, which by the way your sitting President g. w. bush called a “goddamned piece of paper” at a meeting attended by numerous Congressional leaders, and Bill of Rights those patriots gave their blood and lives for are now being whittled away like a buzz-sawed tree trunk.

Don’t believe me, go check it out or are you too busy watching TV and eating microwave popcorn to care?

On top of these horrendous transgressions trampling what is left of our democracy, our country with the help of Great Britain and others is, on a cumulative basis, maiming and killing thousands, probably hundreds of thousands, of poor innocents in Afghanistan and Iraq on a daily basis.

Not to mention the wholesale destruction of millions of acres of land with bombs that spread nuclear pollution that will take thousands of years to clear up.

Our soldiers are being poisoned by this same depleted uranium (DU) coated ordinance and the scandal, which is now finally brewing behind closed doors at the Pentagon, over DU will soon reach the public.

To what avail RK might ask?

Let’s remember when the incredibly deplorable treatment of innocents (at Abu Gharib, Guantanimo Bay and other even more secret prisons around the world) – their torture and murder – when made public was quickly forgotten behind sport news or some worthless trivia about Hollywood personalities.

Can’t my fellow Americans, and all other people from the Western World, realize their Silence is not only Consent but also complicity?

For one, RK can not possibly have a “Happy Christmas” knowing the truths of what is written above – forget about all the other even more heinous items we have learned about.

So instead of posting a cute Christmas Card or wishing you all “Season’s Greetings and Happy Holidays” let us remind you, who are sitting here in the USA in a warm comfy house with more food on the table than you can possibly eat, millions and millions of poor unfortunates, whose only crime was not being born where you were, are suffering tremendously because of the policies of War and Selfishness the Western World’s leaders promulgate.

We hope this message will not fall entirely on deaf ears and some of you will join us in our refusal to remain silent.

In that effort, please join with us to not only pray for peace on earth but to bring to the attention of all whose paths you cross this message.

In closing let us tell you RK knows there is little time left until our country will be a totalitarian state and the individual freedoms and security we grew up with will be but distant memories.

Think about it and instead of going to the mall to buy some worthless “gifts” for your friends spend those hours reading and learning instead of consuming.

Things will only change if everyone of us declares their intention to make democracy and not to just to expect it.

As JFK intoned in his Inaugural Address in 1961:

”Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country.”

If we, the American People, do not get off our silent chairs and begin to refuse to allow our co-opted and compromised leadership – executive, legislative and judicial – to march to the tune of undemocratic principles, we will all be damned.

This is both a prediction and a promise.

Mark our words and remember them; they have not been said frivolously or without justification.

Jack Cassin aka RK.com

Author: robert
email: anderson100@hotmail.com
Sun, Jan 1st, 2006 12:35:57 PM

RK Replies: Here is the photo of last years Xmas card soumak bag:

You can find it and a number of other masterpiece soumak bags and bag faces on the Weaving Art Museum website.

Click on the previous exhibition archive link on the home page -- www.weavingartmuseum.org -- and look for the second exhibition entitled:
"Soumak & Kelim Weaving of the Caucasus".

Hey Robert:

The Patriot Act will be renewed, as all our congressmen and women are too spineless or compromised to vote their conscience.

So prepare for more loss of liberty.

By the way through something called "Executive Order" our presidents beginning with Kennedy have passed legislation few Americans know about -- for your information these “orders”need no congressional approval, they are LAW when written.

These "Orders", and there are 1000's of them, have already put in place many of the horrendous stipulations of the Patriot Act.

So in reality even if it is rejected and removed from law our country is already well on the way to granting KINGSHIP POWERS to the executive branch (president), as the separation of powers guaranteed by the Constitution has already been de facto destroyed many times over and not only by Executive Orders.

As for the Christmas card rug from last year? We will, asap, post the rug at the top of this email when our web genius gets back at his computer later today.

RK hopes you, and all our readership, will join with us in not only praying for peace but discussing the lack of it with everyone you talk with over the coming year, 2006.

America needs a wake up call before the freedoms that many have shed their blood and died for will become history -- ancient history.


The 1 month extension of the Patriot Act was merely a move by House Republicans (a move also supported by the White House) to force resumption of debate, and presumably an up or down vote, on pending legislation to make the Act permanent immediately after the holiday recess.

Regardless of the outcome, it is highly unlikely that it will be allowed to expire even though most Democrats and some Republicans would prefer a watered down version of the Act, which leaves civil liberties more or less intact.

A fight appears to be brewing over this and the scope of Presidential authority under the War Powers Act of 1973. It will be more than interesting to see how it all plays out, and it will certainly affect the upcoming elections.

PS: I really liked your "Christmas tree" cut-out rug from last year's season's greeting's message (the one in the World News and Views archive). Would you please post a photo of the complete rug? Thanks!


Author: jc
Sun, Jan 1st, 2006 12:34:15 PM

We have just learned that Congress has extended the USA Patriot act for only one month and not six.

While that shows some promise it will be deleted from law, as they say "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched".

Even a one day extension is too much considering the magnitude of unconstitutionability this totally extreme measure carries.

For your information the Patriot act has nothing to do with the USA or Patriots.

This act's title "USA Patriot" is actually an abbreviation that stands for " "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism". The bill, which was submitted and approved by Congress as H.R. 3162 is listed as follows in the Congressional Record:
(a) SHORT TITLE- This Act may be cited as the `Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001'.

Bet you didn't know that, as well as a myriad of other government machinations most Americans are totally unaware of....

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