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Sun, Jun 12th, 2011 08:40:09 PM
Topic: What is Airport-Art

First and foremost, it's not good, nor is it genuine.

But it is genuine imitation.

Yes, real genuine imitation and that fools the untrained and inexperienced.

Very often the best airport art has materials comparable with what it copys.

Sometimes the designs can even appear similar, however on closer inspection,

technical differences, as well as inferior design articulation are invariably revealed.

Airport art has no importance, nor did it in the past nor will it in the future.

It has no viable iconography, though it appears to.

We do grant identifying these subtleties requires concentration and hands on experience but,

in the final analysis, it is what separates cultural heritage from that's right you guessed it--

airport art.

fyi: the montage made from an archetype period "Crivelli/cum/Holbein" pile rug fragment is not airport-art

Author: Ds
Sun, Jun 12th, 2011 08:40:09 PM

RK Replies:

So read it again.


i don't understand anything you wrote there

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 5th, 2006 12:01:49 PM

Someone recently suggested to us the best definition of airport-art we could give would be to have someone who canít figure it out to examine steve price's collection.

RK heartily agrees and although steve is not ashamed of publishing his "pieces", many are easily found by searching a bit through his website, he should be ashamed in holding dear the idea most, if not all, of what he has collected is not airport art.

Worse than what he has collected, and apparently still adds to, is the moronic and highly specious estimation and regard he believes his collection warrants.

It would be nary impossible for RK to find anything of merit, let alone something we'd covet, in the "stuff", as he so inelegantly often refers to weavings, gathering dust in the bottom of price's closet.

Author: Jim Hammond
Mon, Jan 16th, 2006 12:07:57 PM

Why not? I want some crap to impress the neighbors and airport art will dazzle them. Frankly you or the other 10 guys who would know what it is never come to my house so why bother. Why should I spend 10s of thousands on obscure bits of trivia. If I want art I go look at my Picasso.


RK Replies: We have not bothered to respond to your post, Jim, as the sentiments you express are alien to our understanding.

By the way, many of Picasso's earliest works are impressive but most of his subsequent efforts, especially those done post-W.W.II are less than sterling and, in our opinion, not worthy of the reputation he so cleverly carved out for himself as a young painter in Paris.

Author: Jim Hammond
Mon, Jan 16th, 2006 08:48:51 AM

Tehran Mehribad airport has some rugs but I cannot remember any other airports that sell rugs. Just which airports are you talking about?


RK Replies:

Ha Ha, you can't be serious.....

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