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Author:Jim Hammond
Mon, Jan 16th, 2006 08:42:01 AM
Topic: Pls put this sale in context

How big a sale is the Dodds sale. You are a successfull long time dealer, what was your biggest sale?

I saw a tentband collection book. Are those among your best pieces? What was the best piece you ever sold and what is the best that you own?


RK Replies:

Hello Jim:
First off we deleted the duplication of your post and left this one since it was done after the other.

LACMA paid $250,000.oo for the rug, which was, of course way, way too much.

But the price they paid is not, nor has it ever been, the reason we have taken up our position and remain committed to it.

It is the rug’s lack of any substantial attributes that is at the bottom of this fiasco.

The LACMA/dodds rug is not a piece of carpet history but rather nothing more than a late period genre copy.

The LACMA/dodds rug is not a masterpiece of its type regardless of dodds's dumb, disingenuous statements to the contrary.

The LACMA/dodds rug is not museum worthy, regardless of LACMA's belief it is and the irrelevant post-purchase 'scientific' documentation they undertook to try and support that fallacious belief.

The facts of the matter, dodds's snake-oil salesmanship and LACMA's intransigence all support our position and for that reason we are sure eventually the truth will out and dodds will have to take his rug back to Philly and find some other easily swayed buyer for it.

As for your other questions?

Well apparently you know little about me, my collection or my long time history in the rug biz.

The "Tent Band Tent Bag" book was only one of the four books I published (three with pieces from my collection and the other with pieces from a Museum in Cairo).

If you go to the Weaving Art Museum website:

and click on the "Previous Exhibitions Archive" on the homepage you can view them, as well as some other work we have done, in a virtual form.

As for what is the most expensive rug we have sold?

Well, let's just say it was significantly more expensive, and hundreds of years older, than the LACMA/dodds rug.

My collection, some of which is shown on the Weaving Art Museum website, focuses on historic kelim and soumak from Turkey and the Caucasus and pile weaving from Turkmenistan. We also have a smattering of very early pile fragments and rugs from Turkey and the Caucasus, as well as some other textiles from these areas and others.

Finally, to answer your last question, I own many great pieces and, by the way, all those illustrated in the Tent Band book are no longer among them.

If you would like more information you are welcome to email me your phone number and we could talk further.

Email to:

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