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Sat, Feb 11th, 2006 04:44:40 PM
Topic: Wither thou, hali?

The English have proven themselves to be obedient lapdogs for bush and company by allowing blair to questioningly follow our president's lead.

To say hali's lack of public position concerning the fiasco dodds caused by selling that rug to LACMA isn't equally as gutless would make anyone a liar.

We heard no-one at hali wanted to write the review, nor could they get someone knowledgeable to do it, because they, too, knew it wasn't "right".

Or maybe it’s just their excuse now; them trying to look good since most folks recognize the rug dodds sold LACMA is a late genre copy.

But in the end hali had to acknowledge it, after all it is not every day, or even on a Sunday in a month of Sundays, that a museum of LACMA's stature buys a rug, especially one supposedly "circa 1550" for $250,000.

The mention of the rug was finally included in a review of the ‘Luxury’ exhibition gluckman organized.

We have written about this review and the witless twit who penned it here on RK.com and don’t need to revisit it.

Imagine calling the "bellini" re-entrant design the "dumb-bell" pattern?

Yesshhhh, wasn't 'keyhole' bad enough ?

Since that glowing review -- one that gushingly compared the LACMA/dodds rug to those pictured in mid-16th century and earlier paintings (Oh, don't make me laugh again) --hali has said nothing, not a peep.

Is it too much to expect the rug world's only "journal" to acknowledge this important situation, let alone weigh-in on it intelligently ?

Rest assured there are many reason for hali's silence, not the least of which is their nouveau editor's seriously challenged rug knowledge, the fact dodds is the 'doyenne' of rugdom, many other late genre copies have been pictured in hali ads and articles passed off as hundreds of years earlier than they clearly are and, of course, the fact yours truly has publicized this fiasco and brought it to everyone's attention.

So we ask “hali, where fore art thou?”

Author: jc
Sat, Feb 11th, 2006 04:44:40 PM

Yesterday, we received as a gift the last two issues of hali from 2005.

They were given to us by someone who had "doubles" so we could read a few of the articles and provide our fresh as mountain air commentary here on RK.com.

Actually, we asked the donor to photocopy or scan a few articles for us and he generously donated them to the 'cause'.

We will soon review the hali "review" of the prammer collection kelims and Peter Pollada on the Turkmen rugs in the deYoung Museum.

We believe both these articles are somewhat off-register and therefore would benefit from our input.

So stay tuned and we will have them here in this Topic area soon, perhaps even as early as tomorrow afternoon. If not, then surely by sometime early next week.

We might even decided to add a few words to some other topics contained therein, you never know...

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