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Sun, Feb 5th, 2006 09:36:29 AM
Topic: Junk Rugs

Whether one collects on a shoe-string budget or has bug bucks to spend the quality, and not the price, of what one carries home is the only significant determinant.

Witnessing the junk rugs that appear on professor steve price's, aka professor price=clown, website not only hurts RK's eyes, it disgusts us intellectually as well.

There have been so many pieces of airport art and worse that litter his website, along with expressions of varying degrees of admiration from the owners and commentators who post there, it would require pages and pages of cyberspace to note them all.

Recently jr howe, who has truly one of the most dead-eyed approaches to buying old rugs we have ever been made privy to, published some of his recent "buys", after of course prefacing his remarks by stating the lack of discretionary funds he has available for such purchases.

Ugh is all we could say about his "finds".

As to how he is spending his money? We' have to say just as poorly.

If howe, or anyone else, saved their powder and kept it dry until there was something of import to pull the trigger for they would have a far greater chance of buying something significant as well as a much more acceptable collecting rational.

Sadly, though, most don't know the difference between an ok rug, a good one and a great one -- let alone the ability to spot a masterpiece, archetype or even a prototype.

Collecting worn unimportant old rugs, that are in fact nothing more than airport art, may allow someone of howe's clearly challenged intellectual capabilities to feel they are a rug collector and belong to a “club”. Isn’t that the misleading and highly specious argument price and company use to justify their internet rug romper room – i.e. “a place for ruggies to connect”

It might well fulfill that reason for the small group of minor rug characters, who need to see their names in print regardless of the lack of substance, reality or import of their scribblings.

But to anyone else it appears clownland is just a place for the challenged and amateurs to pretend they are expurts and knowledgeable.

They are not and to us they are only flap-jawed magpies, cut and paste armchair rug know-littles, and accumulators hoping to make something on their investment, etc ,etc.

All RK can suggest for them is to buy WALMART stock, rather than more worthless, ugly, rugs that would be better suited on the garage floor sopping up oil stains or for placing under one's canine companion sleeping area.

By the way, the only thing worse than collecting these valueless woven banalities is discussing them as if they were something of interest or importance.

And for doing that professor clown's clownotek.com website excels to the 'nth' degree.

Author: robert
email: andersonr100@hotmail.com
Sun, Feb 5th, 2006 09:36:29 AM

I’ve been thinking about freedom lately.

Why is freedom on my mind? Maybe because Martin Luther King Day was celebrated just a few weeks ago and, ironically, his wife died just a few days ago, maybe because of the recent uproar in the Muslim World over the disrespectful caricature of the Prophet Mohammed, maybe because Cindy Sheehan got arrested at the State of the Union address for wearing a T-shirt protesting the Iraq war, maybe because certain provisions of the Patriot Act might one day infringe upon the freedom of all Americans, and maybe just because I’m jealous that some people, like Howard Stern, are getting paid billions of dollars just to say outrageous things.

I think that many of us have lost sight of the true meaning of freedom for which our forbearers fought and died.

There is no true freedom without conscience, without responsibility, without compassion. Any so-called freedom, be it freedom of speech, freedom of religion, or the freedom to bear arms, is not really freedom at all unless it is applied equally to all in a way that raises up rather than pulls down the human condition.

Though we may be free to speak and act as we choose within the bounds of law, we should first think about the potential consequences of those words and actions.

Will anyone be hurt by them? Will they infringe upon the freedom of others who wish to coexist peacefully without distress?

Yes, we have many freedoms, especially we Americans, but isn’t it about time that we tempered those freedoms with conscience, responsibility, and yes, even compassion?


RK Replies:

Many of those freedoms you mention are God given inalienable rights every human being inherits and is entitled to by their birth into this world.

Most sadly, almost all governments in today’s world were institutions originally setup to protect those rights but, for all intents and purposes, have usurped that authority.

They have in the past, and now even more so here in America, trampled any outward signs of continuing that protection.

While we at RK.com can empathize with your sweet thoughts and request for compassion, we realize today’s horrible reality – it is not compassion that is needed. What is desperately needed is the recognition of the fact those rights and freedoms have been seriously challenged and the future looks even bleaker for their possible restoration.

So we will have to disagree with you on this one Robert, even though we do see eye to eye until reaching the conclusion you drew.

By the way, we hope you were not referring to RK and RK.com's having compassion for a self-absorbed moron and failure like steve price. Or are you?

Author: jc
Fri, Feb 3rd, 2006 07:04:38 PM

Today we received an "anonymous" email from someone who called us a hypocrite.


Because we collect damaged rugs and, therefore, we are "...stupid to call the jr howe's rugs, or anyone else's, junk..." when our collection is also full of holes and wear.

While we recognize any damaged rug could be called junk, in our world junk is junk -- damaged or not.

Also in our world an archetype or masterpiece in damaged or even very distressed condition is far more important, and yes valuable, than a late genre copy in any condition -- even mint.

It's all about history and beauty that has always been our motto.

Author: jc
Thu, Feb 2nd, 2006 09:15:53 AM

In this morning's email collection there was one from an RK.com reader who suggested we have a look at clownland.com where one of the "founders" posted a message our reader felt expressed some “self-doubt and need to re-examine” their website’s modus operandi and even its raison d'etre.

We just did have a look and frankly the post, written by jerry aka ‘do you know who i am’ silverman does, in some regards, question turkoclown.com's position vis-à-vis about those important questions.

However his post, entitled "Should there be a line", positing the idea of introducing some "standards" for vetting the rugs they discuss misses the boat, in fact it missed the harbor that boat is moored in.

It's not the rugs these magpies and cut and paste armchair rug boobs choose to discuss, it’s what they say in those discussions that needs vetting and the adoption of ‘standards’, i.e. the delete key in a major way.

These clowns, like silverman, price, howe and filiberto need to be muzzled and even their wishy-washy nods and public acknowledgements -- like silverman's today --to the plain as the nose on your face fact the level of their discussions and 'advice' to the rug-lorn is pitifully inadequate and amateurish can only be characterized as far too little, far too late.

It's not placing 'standards' on the rugs you choose to discuss, clowns, it's what you say about them that needs to be addressed.

Plus RK seriously doubts any of you dead-eyed and/or egotistical posers could possibly institute any level of 'standards' considering the proven facts you all can't tell a repro from a real rug and, even worse, you can't tell a rug worth discussing from one worth discarding in the closest garbage can.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Wed, Feb 1st, 2006 01:10:01 PM

Here is one of the three junk rugs howe posted for comments on the clownland.com website.

Why anyone who has been around oriental rugs as long as howe has would even bother to bend down to touch this rug, let alone take even a 10$ bill out of pocket to buy it, is amazing.

But what is even more so would be posting it on the internet, even on a site as miserable as professor clown’s turkodummy.com website.

This rug, as well as the others howe posted with it, is nothing more than a pedestrian, made for market, pastiche.

It is airport art to the max.

It has no value, other than the limited function of keeping ones toes, or your doggie, warm. But since it is a wreck, even in that regard these rugs are worthless.

Granted howe did post them with the title “Caucasian Echoes” however the only sound rugs like those could make is the thud of them hitting the bottom of a trash dumpster, which is about the only place RK could fathom them belonging.

By the way, as you all know, that’s where RK suggests professor clown deposit his worthless, magpie chattering website as well

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