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Fri, Feb 17th, 2006 05:18:11 PM
Topic: Public Insult

For a number of years now, RK and RK.com has pointed the our finger at steve price (and his amateur-hour rug website) for being a rug ignorant and clown whose presence in a public forum on the internet is a dis-service to anyone who is interested in historic Oriental Rugs on any level -- be it novice or expert.

But furthermore, price's presence is a disgrace to anything that could be, in any way, called intellectual, scholarly, well informed or even informed.

Price is a boob of major proportions.

By the way, this negative view of price and his website are not exclusively ours but are, in no small degree, shared by many others -- in fact those who are more knowledgeable about historic carpets are almost 100 percent with us in our viewpoint price needs to be muzzled or at least marginalized into his own corner far from possible public view.

Of course, we do not expect our rebuking and embarrassing him for his ignorance and willingness to prove it publicly, as well as rebutting some of the many mis-statements and plainly idiotic references and "opinions" price chooses to make public, would not engender some efforts on his part to try an counter our assertions.

We have read, and been informed by RK.com readers, about price's snide little remarks concerning RK.com and our work. But notice clearly he is afraid to mention us by name, so he does this only "anonymously", which proves the lack of real critique or substance to his argument. Therefore, Innuendo is his only avenue of response.

Here is today's effort:

"Indeed, the only other forum with a primary focus in these categories is little more than a monologue by a little dog yapping at everyone who passes by and imagining that he's impressing them with his might by doing so."

Speaking of yapping dogs who impress no-one, price obviously was looking in the mirror as he wrote this feeble put down.

RK.com gets more readers per day than turkoclown, has disseminated as much real information year per year as hali magazine (Lord knows there is little or none on price’s) --or should we say more in recent years, as hali is not exactly the repository of rug info it thinks it is or thought it used to be.

But combined with the Weaving Art Museum's (RK’s other website) traffic and archives of rug knowledge and photos, RK’s efforts have created the most popular and potent source of information about historic Oriental rugs, not to say the best looking sites, on the internet.

This is fact and price=clown’s internet efforts, or any others for that matter, can’t possibly approach what we have done and his ego driven opinion of us is as vain, valueless and moot as what he writes and publishes about old rugs.

So price clown, and the rest of the low-level fools and pseudo-expurts who think like him, can throw all the little spit-balls and bogus innuendo at us they want but, know ye well, RK does not appreciate it and soon might decide to ratchet up our efforts to rid the internet of price and his band of rug know-littles and less.

Author: jc
Fri, Feb 17th, 2006 05:18:11 PM

He's not a bad person, steve price, he's just a clown and a fool to pretend his amateurhour.com rug website does more public good than bad.

RK has always believed questions from the lay public are an important part of the rug experience ala www.com.

We never have found it below our sites/sights to answer even the most simple and naive rug questions.

The problem we have with price's website is he and his cohorts often cannot properly answer even these queries, let alone ones dealing with far more advanced concepts.

His backup field experts, (nothing to guess at here) like windell, kafel, mallet, etc., are a mixed bunch of mostly cut-and-pasters, if you ask us.

We don't hate price, as we have been accused by some, nor is he our number one target as he likes to announce -- dodds has him beat by many bulls-eyes there.

No, steve price is just another uptight, know-little that has benefited by being ridiculed by RK -- the old no publicity is bad publicity rule.

So, let's all be perfectly clear here and on the same page: price's .com rugbomb belongs out of public sight, and that is a fact.

If he needs help, RK will be glad to assist him in developing a yahoo email group, which is where trekoturk.com belongs -- by now even steve knows it.

Plus the owner/moderator can exert great control over the site, something steve enjoys doing – playing big daddy ding-dong.

Yip Yip clown

Author: jc
Thu, Feb 16th, 2006 02:48:26 PM

Of far greater insulting proportions than professor steve price is the saga of dennis dodds.

Everyone knows what RK has been saying about dodds is right on but no one wants to do anything about it for fear they will become "involved".

Well, RK hates to tell all you lifer-couch-potatoes -- life demands involvement.

Of course, that's real life, a place where one should want to be involved in truth and righteousness.

Clearly dodds has no moral ground, or any higher than an ant in a wheel-rut, to stand on.

His position is indefensible, he can only keep hoping LACMA keeps covering up instead of admitting their error because as soon as they do he will be getting that expected knock on his door.

This will happen and why everyone is afraid to get involved when the outcome -- the rug going back to dodds -- is almost assured.

RK must repeat: We see this as the biggest public insult and one that dwarfs the similar rational and resulting silence about professor steve price and his.com.

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 12th, 2006 12:21:07 PM

RK knows most, if not all, of our readership, besides a few buddies of professor steve price and his clownland.com website, realize our position on him and his website is right on and factual.

When a midget-mind like stephen low posts his gibberish here in support of price, the only conclusion to draw is that is he so anti-RK.com he will take a position that is opposite ours just for spite.

Too bad for low by doing so he has made himself look the fool, once more.

Well, mr low and the rest of you all, who line up daily in clownland.com, RK knows many of you believe we are being unfair to price by criticizing his meat-head opinions about carpets, and yours, too, we should add.

But it is fact and you all can’t hide, after all you do it in public, now don’t you?

To call you all a public nuisance, to insult you all for making those 'efforts' and for your continuing blatant refusal to recognize who is right here and who is wrong is easily done and just as easily proven. We should know, as the number of instances catalogued here on RK.com well prove our point.

It is undeniable, and it is telling none of you, even price=clown himself, almost never question our critique (or try to disprove it) but only resort to innuendo and myopic personal attack instead.

Making errors and mistakes is all part of life and learning. However, to continue to make those mistakes over and over especially in a public venue, to continue to avoid recognizing them and admitting them is, in RK's world, nothing more than a public insult that deserves mention.

That is what clownland.com unfortunately has become -- a repository of mainly uninteresting chatter, mis- and dis-information and worse –- nothing more than a classic-comic-book-style examination of pedestrian airport-art weavings and mostly dumb as rock ideas concerning attributions and provenance.

If that was the intention, then, congrats you all have succeeded.

But we are sorry to say that’s nothing to be proud of, even if it were the case.

Author: jc
Sun, Feb 5th, 2006 09:52:26 AM

Our longstanding mentions of the lack of quality and expertise exhibited on price's website, particularly by the posts he creates, have been in the past and are presently acknowledged publicly on their website by the inner circle of founding partners, and even by price himself.

Today we were informed the following was posted there (underlines added for emphasis, ed.) --
"My take is a little different.

The folks I hear from most frequently who are (interestingly) both disappointed in our efforts here, but who also seem to have aspirations for us, simply complain about the quality of much of what goes on on(sic) ****.

They want us to be what they envision we might be if we would just listen, study up a bit more, and generally raise the level of discourse. (They are not interested in contributing to this effort, but they are willing to "hold our coats" and to continue to advise.)

Further, they advise that if we cannot metamorphose(sic) into the image they have for us, it would be better for us to go out of business because we are currently mostly just polluting a too "public" venue and are in the process somehow "hurting the rug world...by too frequently giving bad advice." (I am trying to remember instances in which we might have done the latter, but think that we are actually quite careful about such things.)

Now I don't agree with any of this, but I don't think it's as simple as more experienced folks not wanting to risk the "fray" here. It's more a reluctance to be associated with an effort of the current quality.

Now the interesting thing to me is that this seems to be a largely self-selected elite (although they often have good experience, demonstrated achievements and other ruggy credentials), absolutely certain of the rightness of their views (and of their evaluations of rugs), whose views of **** (and of rug aesthetics) seem not open to modification based on rationale argument. They simply hold a view of which they are sure and argue by reasserting it. One said to me yesterday in an email "Sorry, but that's how things are..." I find the utter certainty behind that sentence breathtaking. I would hope that we might be able to achieve a little more modesty in stating our respective views.

But to repeat I think most of our critics have more complex positions and dispositions than those you have suggested (I would not claim that there a no such).


R. John Howe"

It is truly amazing after this was posted on their board the only thing steve price, the chief clown and buffoon extraordinaire, could do is to accuse RK of being the source of the "...polluting a too "public" venue...". We surely agree but since we have no discourse, either public or private with howe, price of any of their other partners, such an accusation in print is not only misquoted but borders on liable.

So listen up steve price and listen up well -- Your refusal to face reality your website is nothing but an ego driven platform of mis- and dis- information, dumb as rocks opinions and idiotic vain posturing is further proof of what RK.com and many others have told you .

In defense of howe's breaking ranks and publishing the fact many people, besides RK.com, have complained of the quality and yes, even the relevance, of their website price wrote the following:
"Six years or so ago, several of us who weren't satisfied with the then-current rug discussion forums opted to generate our own.

It met our wants and continues to do so for me.

Would I like to see it improve? Sure.

But it still serves me better than any alternative of which I'm aware.

My advice (yeah, I know, but this isn't advice to a novice, nor is it about rugs) to the folks who want something better and know how to make it happen is - create one.

Web space is inexpensive, and it's easy to limit membership to folks that they believe can make meaningful contributions.
Steve Price"

Typical mish-mash from an intellectually challenged pompous clown who can't realize, or is it just face the fact, even his own supporters and partners believe something is seriously wrong.

Bothering to duke it out on the internet with a cretin like price is a waste of our time but allowing him to continue his charade of being a rug expert and moderator of a website where “collectors can connect” is even more abhorrent.

The only connections we see in price and his group’s efforts are the ego fulfillment they receive by seeing their names in print daily.

Perhaps price's partners, who we note are silent most of the time and especially when any soul-searching like howe's posts appear, should take his advice and start their own website for "collectors to connect" and leave price to play with his tiny, impotent pud alone.

To say price and all his valueless efforts on the internet (he even has a site for "african art") are sub-standard, even for the rug world where drek like pacquin's discovery or a fiasco like the LACMA/dodds rug are accepted and lapped-up by ruggies galore, is one fact anyone can hang their hat on.

Get off the net price, you fool. Your own partners, besides for RK.com and legions of others, all know what you can't seem to grasp -- you and your website are a joke of major proportions. Too bad it ain't funny, actually it's too pathetic for anyone to take jokingly.

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