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email: rupertdacat@hotmail.com
Tue, Feb 7th, 2006 04:13:50 PM
Topic: An open letter to JC re: Turkotek

Hi JC.

It is clear to all that the **** website, and Steve Price (in particular), is a source of vexation to you.

This seems unfortunate for you as it appears to be detracting from your spiritual tranquility. This is unfortunate for your readers because venting on this issue clutters up the Kazbah. Lastly, as one who admires your knowledge and connoisseurship, it is sad to see folks who are in nowhere near your league (with regards to rug knowledge) get under your skin so.

**** is what it is. No one with even modest knowledge about art/rugs takes it with any more seriousness than it deserves. It is not a threat to you (or rugdom) and, frankly, it is hard to see why you even bother thinking about it. Of course, your doing so is not rational. This is not a criticism- we all have things that just plain make us nuts.

Anyone who confuses ****'s efforts for what you are doing is either aesthetically limited, or they are just temporarily misguided until such time as they gain just the smallest bit of knowledge and experience.

This is one of those situations where less is more. That is, your efforts would have more impact if you wouldn't dilute them with efforts that are unworthy or you.

With best wishes,



RK Replies:

Your advice, under other circumstances, might be prudent and correct. However, remaining silent concerning clownland and steve price is, and can only be seen, as an error of judgment, as well as failure to be honest and honorable.

There is little to no voice of truth or reality in rugdom and if RK.com has to be alone in pointing out what a fool price is, or what a con-artist dennis doods is, or what a gullible mokes pacquin and hali are for their fool's gold embroidery debacle, we are willing to stand alone.

We know we elevate on high these issues and the fools who are responsible for them by pointing them out and rebuking them.

Remember the old quote "There's no publicity that's bad publicity".

Well we surely have not forgotten it but, on the other hand "silence is consent" (which is of course the other side of that coin) and that is, in our view, worse.

By remaining silent -- like all the rest of those of you who realize how low steve price's expertise truly is, or how greedy and duplicitous someone like dodds is, or how agenda driven hali's reportage invariably is -- these individuals just go along their merry way and apparently continue to thrive, regardless of the fact those in the know, like you, are not impressed with or believe their efforts.

No, Rupe, we will not let price, dodds, hali, etc, etc continue to run roughshod in rugdom with no apparent criticism or censure.

They will not escape RK's gaze or critique; not now or anytime in the future.

So it's too bad RK has to appear to seek their level in making clear to everyone what charades and worse these folk perpetrate.

It's just the way it is and eventually the sheer weight of the reality of our position and the instability of theirs will, we are sure, result in their having to change their modus operandi or, hopefully, just disappear off the scene.

And once again we'd suggest to add strength to your posts you use your real name and not a cutesy anonymous handle.

Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Tue, Feb 7th, 2006 04:13:50 PM

Rupertdacat makes a good point and your rebuttal misses it.

One only has to dip into **** for a while to see that there is no substance to it; it is really not worth getting too bothered about.

There is little credible debate on ****; important issues (e.g LACMA) are largely ignored, critical comments are censored, and the response to the recent thread "what use is ****?" is best expressed by my Grandfather's favourite First World War song "no ****ing use at all".

RK postings are generally of a much higher quality but there are fewer of them - RK tends to be a bit of a monologue. If people want to remain anonymous - let them - it is the quality of their input that counts, not their IP address, or who they are. Loosen-up a bit and RK will blossom.

The LACMA management may have their heads in the sand; but the chances of another museum making a similar mistake has been reduced - RK 1:Conmen 0. You won.

If people want to buy the (ugly) Ottoman pieces - more fool them. Hali will move on and become completely dedicated to modern reproductions - let it. Readers with a real interest in antique rugs will cancel their subscriptions.

The old lags that make-up the self-appointed leaders of "rugdom" will soon be dead as well as discredited.



RK Replies: John:

Were things only as simple and straightforward as you present them.

As for clownland and RK's unrelenting critique? By remaining silent nothing will ever change there. This is a proven fact of life -- without pressure clowns rarely give up their acts.

Same holds true for the greedy and unscrupulous like dodds.

Remaining silent there will only embolden him and others to use their positions for gross personal gain, regardless of others seeing but doing nothing about their deceit.

As for my request for Rupe to identify himself? Actually I dont care, as we have a good idea who it is from his IP address, but believe the message would be more powerful if it came from a "real" person rather than a bogus pseudonym.

As for the "old legs" that make up the rug establishment.

Believe it or not, those old legs are grooming the next generation of "old legs" -- training the next generation in the same mold and mode as they act.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss, is quite applicable in this regard.

RK does appreciate your input but we do not agree with any of the premise you espouse, except of course your opening gambit, regarding clownland and price -- "One only has to dip into **** for a while to see that there is no substance to it".

ps:Our webmaster deleted the duplication of your post and put in some line spacing to facilitate reading it.

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