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Wed, Mar 1st, 2006 04:57:00 PM
Topic: Too Dumb to be Funny

What could anyone say to the following but "Too dumb to be funny"?

"Hi Tim
Professional scholars in rug-related fields don't care very much what topic is hot among collectors, and don't spend their time talking to each other about the criteria by which Chodor and Yomud torbas can be told apart reliably. If we could listen in on their conversations, we'd be alternately baffled by the jargon and bored with the content. I have no direct experience with their activities, of course, but know what goes on among scholars in several other fields, and doubt that these are much different.

I suppose somebody could create a forum where experienced collectors could post, anyone else could only read, but it isn't going to be us. For one thing, we don't want the responsibility of deciding who is experienced enough to annoint. For another, I doubt that I'd be admitted to the club. I am the registered owner of ****, and won't let them use my ball if I can't participate in the game.

Regards Steve Price"


RK Replies:

Take your puny bat and soggy ball and get lost, price.

You're right about the fact no one who knows anything about historic oriental rugs would admit you through the front door, or even the back door of their tent.

While admitting this is commendable your refusal to face the underlying message -- your ignorance about such rugs -- is disgraceful.

Being the registered owner of clownland.com is just one more dubious distinction you have accrued in your 40 year career as a nobody in the world of science and a buffoon in the world of rugs. It’s nothing to be proud of, putz.

Author: jc
Wed, Mar 1st, 2006 04:57:00 PM

The propensity of those in turk-tek.com’s inner circle of mini-mind ruggies to put their feet in their mouths is overwhelmingly pathetic. It is not funny it is tragic.

Today's email also brought us this photo which was posted to professor clown's mis-informational website:

Several junior clowns posted their guesstimates as to the provenance of this rug and got it almost right.

In fact, it is a Kirshehir rug of a type we used to, years ago, call a Kirshehir/Mudjur, as it doesn't have the typical cochineal-derived red palette most Kirshehir rugs demonstrate.

Regardless, it is surely from the Kirshehir area and the poor gentleman who is relying on clownland to tell him about his rug will end up knowing less than he knew before, thanks to their mis-information -- a typical turn of the screw when dealing with professor clown's troupe of know-little, say muchers.

Not to be outdone by the other clowns, j R howe posted he was having lunch with his Turkish repair person and would get more info on the rug in question and post it after breaking bread with this supposed ‘expert’.

RK is sure howe's repairer is as bad with the needle as he is with playing rug expert.

Here is what howe 'learned'

"My Turkish luncheon companion said that he attributes this piece to Ortakoy or Kirsehir.

He also said that he thinks from the photo that the weaving is not of a high quality and that this piece was woven about 1950."

1950? Ho Ho Ho and a Merry Xmas to all.

If howe is stupid enough to believe a rug like this could be made in 1950, and then even more brainlessly cared to post that publicly, we believe there is no hope for this rug-fool.

Again, if it were not so pathetic it would be a good laugh....

Author: jc
Tue, Feb 28th, 2006 06:13:04 PM

Along with steve price, aka the turkodummy, john R howe, his buddy from Washington D.C., together form the gruesomest twosome of rug clowns the carpet world has yet to witness.

Unlike steve, jr howe is rather self-effecing and willing to, at times, look objectively at not only his inabilities to 'get it right' when it comes to answering questions on the amateur hour rug website professor clown heads, but also to look at the rest of the crew's equally challenged efforts.

Regardless of howe's token nods to his, and their, limitations he continues down the merry path of stupidity almost every time he sits down to tap his keyboard.

Recently we spotted this mea culpa howe issued:

"The odd thing is that I've made this mistake before. I own the piece above and was convinced after I bought it that this was a Yomut border. Gradually, I wa (sic) persuaded that this piece is Ersari, but apparently my initial impression stuck. For awhile I had not seen any other examples of this compartmented. but have encountered at least two more since I bought it. All three have this same main border.

For some reason, I have fixed in my mind that this is a Yomut main border, but I went looking for it on a Yomut piece and haven't found one yet.

So what we have is a clear mistake, and one that provides your rug with at least three Kizil Ayak features: 1) the basic white ground pictorial design, 2) the red wefts, and 3) the main border.

The first two of these features seem associated with later Kizil Ayak production, while the main border is seen on pieces which may be of the older Kizil Ayak variety (older Turkmen borders are often narrow and simple) .

Sorry to have misled you momentarily."

The rug is Kizil Ayak and anyone with a good understanding of old Turkmen weavings would instantly recognize this.

Demonstrably, howe's understanding of these weavings, which is according to him the area he is most interested in, is, like price=clown's, severely challenged and hardly extant -- the holes in their knowledge larger than those in the centers of a dozen cheap bagels.

Misleading momentarily, as howe gingerly put it, might sound OK to him but it rings incredibly loud to us, considering these types of errors are almost rampant in clownland.com. Plus making the same mistakes over and over adds little to the idea these turkootek,com “teachers” can teach anyone anything. Or, for that matter, even learn what they don’t, and clearly never, will ever know.

Again RK can only reiterate: It's time for these clowns to close up the circus tent and to take their erroneous road show out of public view. That way there'll be no more misleading anyone, except of course themselves -- and that's exactly as it should be.

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