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Author:Steve Price=clown
Fri, Mar 24th, 2006 01:41:29 PM
Topic: Cassin's Credentials

RK Replies: Please see our comments which are added in bold italics after professor clown's.


Hi Jack

You've paid a lot of attention to what you imagine to be my CV lately.

No one is spending alot of time nor imagining anything -- there is nothing there for RK to imagine and that's the issue

It has no relevance to rugs or my opinions of rugs except when some scientifically relevant topic arises, and is of little interest to your audience.

Wrong again, clown, your lack of substantial work as a researcher in your field is germane -- it shows what a lazy, know-little you are and that attitude describes your "work" in the rug field. And that is germane here.

Your credentials as a rug expert would be very interesting to everyone.

My credentials with rugs nad weavings are a Matterhorn next to yours in rugs or any other field you are or have been involved with.

You proclaim your expertise here fairly often, and seem fond of saying things like, Remember, (insert name here), I've forgotten more about rugs than you ever knew to people generally thought of as being, at the least, reasonably well-informed.

They may very well be well-informed in the opinion of a rug ignorant like you, steve, but not so to us or anyone else who is knowledgeable.

I think your readership deserves to know your credentials. So, I invite you to post the following information about yourself.
Your formal education, including the names of the colleges and universities you've attended, your major and minor fields of study, your degrees and the years in which they were awarded, and your academic honors. Non-degree seeking educational pursuits should be included too, of course.
A complete list of your published works. This should be divided into categories, separating books for which the author receives an advance from those in which the author pays the publisher (usually referred to as vanity presses), articles published in periodicals, letters to the editors of periodicals, and so forth.
A list of honors and awards bestowed upon you, especially those related to your contributions to furthering understanding and appreciation of rugs and textiles.
A list of talks you have given to rug-related audiences, including conventions, museum educational programs, and rug collector clubs.

For each of these, statements about the quality are helpful, but only if the source is someone (or some organization) other than yourself.

Do you think RK is Santa Claus and we should bring this to you for Xmas? Wake up price your even asking shows what a fool and pedant you are.

Can you guess why I put this in your Truth Hurts Department, Jack?

Price, RK is in the process of finishing you off and soon you, dodds and the rest of all those icoc/acor poseurs and greedy schmucks will be exposed for the louts and know-nothings you all continue to prove yourselves to be day in and day out.

Author: Anil
Fri, Mar 24th, 2006 01:41:29 PM

I see it was R(eject). John Howe who took the ridiculous lurch from Hamadan Area to Sarabend to Northwest Persia and then on to Marasali. Howe

"This seems to be a NW Persian rug of some sort and it is not surprising to see borders on such rugs that seem Caucasian. My initial impression was that this might be version (now more lines than areas of color) of a border that occurs on some Shirvan Caucasians, especially on those termed "Marsalis.""

I read that Rug Nuts thinks R(idiculous). John Howe is smart. That proves he is a know-nothing. How Howe can look at a Hamadan and turn it into a Caucasian influenced NW Persian rug is a joke.

Then price(=clown) starts talking about pulpits.

He must thank Satan and sacrifice a goat or two for Tenure.

No man of his intellect could hold his instructor slot on merit.

Author: Anil \
Fri, Mar 24th, 2006 10:24:05 AM

Raj, Thaj and all your other Mickey mouse names you are a joke who has a brain but no comprehension.

RK is RK but when you get down to brass tacks he has Turkorejects pegged. Today they are debating a crummy sarabend Persian rug and they think it is a Marasali Caucasian.

The rug could not even get into the airport so it is sub-airport art. Read price as he fawns over this masterpiece.

Then there is Caveat the clueless. If you were dumb enough to let him repair your rug he would like as not put the pile wrong side out. The Turkorejects are more often wrong than right and if this thing you cannot see then you too are a Turkoreject.

Author: Thaj Rackery
Fri, Mar 24th, 2006 09:15:26 AM

Raj - Why do you think RK knows anything about rugs? Because he says so? I think RK has the right initials. He is the Raj Kapur of the internet.

Author: Raj Thackeray
Fri, Mar 24th, 2006 12:17:22 AM

RK Replies:

For someone who is afraid to post with their own name, or to face reality, your accusations are meaningless -- forget their lack of factual basis, or the obvious agenda you are trying to pursue by making them.

Go play pin-the-tail onb the donkey with professor clown, Thaj, he is more your type than we are.

Do you knowe your use of false IP addresses is exposing you to certain risks?

And while you're checking that out, we suggest you spend some time re-reading what we write here.

By doing so you might realize we attack no one who is innocent, only the guilty receive our criticism and rebuke.

We are now about done with you and if you persist we will up the ante -- can you afford that, Thaj?


Indeed Jack, it's "Game, Set and Match". You made false allegations about someone, you were exposed for making these allegations, and now you stand naked before a sniggering audience. Give up the ad hominem attacks on individuals and focus on what you know best, rugs. BTW, you know there is no such name as "Thaj Rackery"?

Author: Thaj Rackery
Thu, Mar 23rd, 2006 02:15:52 PM

RK Replies:

Go piss in your shoe.

RK's board is wide open and, granted, we do not allow people to post URL for outside websites, nor do we allow posting of professor clown's site name -- otherwise we make no rules nor do we enforce any.

We were forced into stopping URL posting because of the abuse some miscreants like you, Thaj, thought they could get away with. They lost and, yes, were then banned.

So wake up and smell the flowers, mate.

Anyone is free to do as they like here. We allow you, professor clown, et. al. to post here.

So quit moaning and complaining and appreciate the liberty to say what you please on RugKazbah.com.

Go try to do that on other sites and you will find you can't.

Game Set Match....


RK: As much as you rant about the dishonesty of others, it is absurd to argue that it doesn\'t matter when you make false statements about someone. It is just as absurd as saying that it is not censorship to block certain IP addresses from posting, filter certain words from posts, and delete messages that you find unacceptable. You are the biggest hypocrite on the internet.

Author: Thaj Rackery
Wed, Mar 22nd, 2006 01:21:37 PM

RK Replies:

Better you then were speechless, little man.


\"A true sign of a mini-mind is the reliance on invective, rather than thought, in arguing a position.\" (JC; 22 March 2006) Your eloquence leaves me speechless, Mr. JC. \"Great minds discuss ideas. Small minds discuss people.\" (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Author: Raj Thackeray
Wed, Mar 22nd, 2006 12:22:41 PM

Jack - thee(sic) is nothing goody-two-shoes about my response. I simply pointed out that you had made two sets of allegations against Prof Price - a man who I have yet to meet - and that both of these had turned out to be false.

[RK Replies: shame you miss the forest for the trees.]

Price may well be completely ill-informed about rugs.

[RK Replies: that is an understatement.]

He may well be have expert knowledge about rugs.

[RK Replies: Even to write that in jest is stupid, your entire argument is specious and ill-conceived]

That is not the point.

[RK Replies: it is the point, dunce]

As for your own ability to pass judgement on others. I have read much of your work, and all you seem to do is to continually repeat your own opinions, as if the mere repitition of your beliefs make them true. To be sure, many of your arguments are extremely well researched and would otherwise carry a lot of weight with me. But you need to demonstrate the relative merit of your arguments by showing how they stand on their own merit, not by making simplistic swipes at others. Even the most basic undergraduate course on research methodology would poke holes in your approch.

[RK Replies: if that is so, quit talking and start poking some holes in any position we have taken vis-a-vis any historic rug or weaving, mr. sophomoric.]

Which is a pity, as you appear to have a lot to say, and an increadible amount of passion. If you were to advance your ideas in a reasoned way, I for one would take the time to listen.

[RK Replies: We would suggest you do but it is clear you are either too focused on your own brand of stupidity to learn anything or just too ignorant to appreciate our efforts. Either way, we could care less about you and your bogus support for an ignorant blob of flesh like steve price -- who proves his vast debilities everytime he opens his fat yap.]


Author: thevoicesin yourhead.com
email: thevoicesin yourhead.com
Wed, Mar 22nd, 2006 12:20:28 PM

A true sign of a mini-mind is the reliance on invective, rather than thought, in arguing a position. You, little man, have no tenable position. This is clear to anyone and even you yourself know it. Out of the mouths of babes, Jackie

Author: Thaj Rackery
Wed, Mar 22nd, 2006 10:20:06 AM

RK Replies:

A true sign of a mini-mind is the reliance on invective, rather than thought, in arguing a position.

You, little man, have no tenable position. This is clear to anyone and even you yourself know it.

We traced your first post's IP address to India: So how's the curry this afternoon, is it hot?


The bull$hit on this board is deep, JC, and it\'s all yours.

Author: Raj Thackeray
Tue, Mar 21st, 2006 12:30:14 PM

RK Replies: While professor price is not much of anything, he is far more than a straw-man, as you so categorize him.

You are right in the sense steve is a straw-man nobody in the rug or academic world but turkodrek, 'his' website, is a very public testament to his nothingness as well as how poorly vetted the world of antique rugs is.

The LACMA/dodds fiasco another very obvious and recent example.

RK knows we glorify these issues by concentrating on them -- so what, they are so outrageous and disgusting they are impossible to ignore.

OK, we said price wrote three papers and he wrote seven, twelve, or twenty, big deal, what’s he doing now or done lately?

Our point was not how many papers he wrote but how he was a failure as a "scientist", nothing more than a baby-sitter for undergrads. Period.

And know what, raj, that's the truth you or price the clown himself can’t negate – hence the focus on the number of issue.

It is Bull, baby, bull with a capital B..

So go stuff your goody-two shoes transparent defense of professor clown and your self-righteous beliefs, they're fooling no one, my man.


Hi Jack I have just read this post and the related comments elsewhere on your website and, with respect, feel that you are completely off the wall. At the very least, you owe Professor Price a sincere apology. You stated categorically that he did not have more than three publi cations, and it turned out he did.

And then you insinuated he could not get a grant from an agency that, it transpires, is not even a granting agency (the National Academy of Sciences).

Your repeated attacks on Prof Price seem a bit like Mr. Bush's search for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. It seems you are either distorting deliberately the truth in order to make your own points, or that you are simply unable to distinguish truth from fantasy.

I for one would take your views much more seriously if you were able to tackle real arguments, as opposed to blowing over imaginary straw men. All the best Raj

Author: Steve Price=clown
Thu, Mar 2nd, 2006 08:56:38 AM

RK Replies:


If we were trying to cause "damage” to you, you would be, well, already more damaged than you are presently.

We are not and are only interested in showing what a bag of hot air and moron you are to make you realize your turdotrek.com website is worthless. Otherwise, you are but a speck of dust on our marble floor.

Your postings here prove it in spades, as ours do as well.

Just like your obfuscating the matter by pushing off the accusation -- that your work did not measure up to the increased "standards" the NSA or any other grant-giving agency installed.

Go ahead, professor clown, provide a straight and to the point answer to that claim, instead of mumbling more foolish nostrums only you feel satisfy what we, and now this anonymous emailer, have posited.

You are a bag of BS price and it matters little what area you delve in, as crapola is pandemic throughout your life.

We are sick and tired of fencing with a dimwit like you and unless you address the issues at hand we will terminate your privilege to post here sooner or later.

If you want to attack me -- fine do it. But make sure you attack my work and cease the innuendo and senseless pseudo-character assassination you seem to feel is proper or substantial rebuttal.

It isn't and it but proves our points about you.

And if you intend to critique what we have written here, on the Weaving Art Museum website or in the books we have published, be sure you get your facts straight before you open your fat mouth -- and that, professor clown will be a first for you, now won't it?

Oh, and by the way, your finding our methodology in dealing with you “baffling”, when you are basically alone in such thoughts, again only shows how you are “baffled” by reality and truth about yourself:
and that truth, steev, is you are a know-nothing about oriental carpets, a big mouthed rug expurt web-poseur and a babysitter “science” teacher, whose accomplishments in life have about as much substance as the Wonder Bread and lunch-meat sandwiches in your brown bag lunch pail.


Hi Jack

Anyone who knows anything(sic) about federal granting agencies and their procedures will recognize that these allegations couldn't possibly be true about me or anyone else. There are too many flaws for me to bother with all of them, but the most easily confirmed is that the National Academy of Sciences is not primarily a granting agency. Although there are a few specific subjects in which they award grants, none are (or have ever been) even close to mine. I don't recall ever seeing an acknowledgement of NAS support on any of the hundreds of manuscripts or grant applications that I've reviewed, and have never even considered submitting an application to NAS myself. Needless to say, I've never had grant support from them and they've never rejected any application that I wrote.

Jack, whoever sent you that e-mail (if the whole thing isn't another of your fabrications) was probably amusing himself by sending you bullshit that he knew you'd swallow and use to continue demonstrating your stupidity and willingness to believe your fantasies.

This is beginning to remind me of the cartoons in which the coyote keeps trying to set traps for the roadrunner, every one of which blows up in his face, and none of which teach him anything at all. You know almost nothing about my career or even about science and how it works, and every post you make shows your readers that you are too lazy to check facts, lack the intellect to analyze information, and are so deceived by your fantasies that nothing you write can be believed.

Somehow, you seem to think that showing the world what you are (something I could not have achieved if you hadn't created an interactive venue for your public masturbation) is causing damage to me. That, I find baffling.

Author: jc
Wed, Mar 1st, 2006 12:05:18 PM

RE: steven price's credentials:

This morning's email delivered to us an interesting, although so far unverified, tid-bit about price's 'research' career:

"Years ago....[the author was]...at the National Academy of Science (NAS) and mentioned… [Steve Price and was told]...he[Steven Price] used to get grants...it stopped [the grants] when they [NAS] started comparing results to the proposals. What it amounted to was that he [Steven Price] would write a proposal that sounded good and then hand in whatever results it generated.

When they (NAS) enforced a level of accountability his[Steven Price] work did not measure up.

I am not sure how you could verify this...[since it was some years ago]....”

The sender requested we do not publish more of his email or reveal his identity.

We are in the process, through some other means, to verify this and, of course, to learn more particulars.

RK.com is not surprised to learn this, as price is a talker who ain't a walker and clearly his 'scientific' career is as bleak and valueless as his imagined contribution to Oriental rugs.

More to come, stay tuned

Author: Steve Price
Tue, Feb 28th, 2006 10:56:25 AM

RK Replies: Clown, go Crisp your fat butt along with the micro-wave popcorn and weiners you stuff into your gullet daily.

P.S. We decided in order to any eliminate any confusion we would amend your name to price=clown, so all will know to credit you, professor clown, the turkodummy, with having written this and several of the other mumblings of protest you have place on RK'c board.

Enjoy your short-lived notoriety, steev.


Hi Jack

Not bad, by the standards that you normally show; the CRISP search your "friend" did turned up nearly half of my years of grant support. Try to find someone to tell you the difference between a grant title and a project, and the difference between a professional publication and a grant award.

We're all still waiting for the documentation that shows that your "research" on rugs is done with more diligence than your "research" on the other things about which you write with such certainty.

Yap on.

Author: jc
Mon, Feb 27th, 2006 05:57:06 PM

Today we had a researcher friend of ours do a National Institute of Health search on the professional writings of steve price.

Done through something called the CRISP database our search reveal only three projects price has done.

Yup, three projects in a more than 40 year career.

Here is that list:

No abstract available
1972 grant number 1K04DE012433-01;
1973 grant number 5K04DE012433-02;
1974 grant number 5K04DE012433-03;
1975 grant number 5K04DE012433-04;
1976 grant number 5K04DE012433-05;

Abstract: The long range objective of our work is to develop an understanding of chemoreception in mammals. In this project we propoe(sic) to continue our biochemical studes(sic) of the properties of a putative receptor protein for sweet taste, and to clarify the role of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase and modifiers of this enzyme in bitter taste stimulation.
1972 grant number 5R01DE003018-02;
1973 grant number 5R01DE003018-03;
1973 grant number 5R01DE003018-03;
1974 grant number 5R01DE003018-05;
1975 grant number 5R01DE003018-06

Abstract: In this project we hope to isolate one or more odor receptor molecules, using immunological and electrophysiological methods to prove that the molecules are, indeed, receptors. The distribution of the receptor molecules will then be mapped at the levels of gross anatomy, light, and electron microscopy, by modifying antibodies for use of specific stains.
1976 grant number 1R01DE004271-01;
1977 grant number 5R01DE004271-02;
1978 grant number 2R01DE004271-03;
1979 grant number 5R01DE004271-04;
1980 grant number 5R01DE004271-05

Not much there but it is obvious the most significant accomplishment price has accrued over his 40 year science career isn't research, it's fattening his ass sitting on a chair in his office.

He surely hasn’t been spending his time doing anything else but that and babysitting the few hours of undergrad entry level courses he "teaches".

As we have characterized, price's record of scientific achievement is as barren as the Sahara and regardless of price's penchant for nit-picking details of the number of "papers" he has authored, our statement -- his accomplishments in his scientific career are almost non-existent -- is correct.

We are sure price will again post here with some other excuses or wagers that he has written and done more but frankly this is as meaningless as reading what steve-the-rug-clown writes about oriental rugs.

In the end, and we have said this before, RK believes price actually likes our disparaging him and his worthless existence -- it brings attention to someone who obviously craves it and has no other avenues to provide it for him.

To say price is a loser in his scientific career, from what we can deduce, are words well spoken. And to call him a rug-clown is a sobriquet he deserves and has well earned.

Congrats, steve, and we are sure you will again ask us about our credentials…. but realize ours unlike yours, clown, are publicly displayed for all to see – well at least our work and research with historic weavings and that’s what this is all about anyway.

Author: jc
Tue, Feb 14th, 2006 06:46:18 PM


RK was sure, now two others have lent their comments to ours, you would back off.

We are just as equally sure by writing this you will be goaded back into action.

It's an interesting gambit: We'd prefer you go away entirely, not just leave RK.com.

But we know you won't and clownland.com will roll on.

Since that is the case we'll keep you here to ridicule further every time you open your yap.

We know that sounds ‘nasty’ but in polite society, when dealing with an ig(norant) like price, there is no other way short of immoral or illegal and those are places RK never goes.

BTW: Speaking of yapping dogs – RK doesn’t yap, you do, putz.

Actually you’re a yipper

Yip. Yip clown

Author: John Lewis
Tue, Feb 14th, 2006 03:57:09 PM

RK Replies: John, don't get yer knickers into a twist.

Several years ago when a nuisance named michael bischoff continually posted his gibberish and BS here on RK.com’s board we blocked anyone putting URL links to any other site, rug oriented or not, as well as the proper name of professor price=clown's website

We will consider removing those blocks only if posters show they will not abuse these privileges.

Our webmaster can arrange this when and if we decide to talk with him about it.

Sorry, John, but you can, in the interim, write clownland.com and everyone will instantly know who and what you are referring to.

By the way, RK thanks you for being confident enough to hold the views you do and, more significantly, to post them publicly in your own name.

And by the way RK does not edit or censor anyone or anything.

We do often add line spacing to facilitate reading, as we have done with your posts.


Fuck it - if I write something I don't expect it to be turned into a bunch of stars.

What is the matter with you Americans - getting so PC that you disappear up your own arseholes (note correct spelling - don't go correcting that to assholes)

Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Tue, Feb 14th, 2006 03:28:27 PM

I, for one, do not care about Steve Price or Jack Cassin's qualifications in anything. It is what they know about rugs that is relevant.

That, and their willingness to take a position on important issues in rugdom, such as LACMA. The recent postings on **** - "What use is ****" - demonstrate that **** has failed to reach its potential and that whilst there is room for a forum where everyone is nice to each other (despite the idiocy of some of the views) - there is an appetite for a more robust forum.

Is it possible for RK to meet this demand? Dishonest dealers should be pilloried; incompetent auction houses and museum staff exposed and if at the same time, the merits of a few good rugs are discussed - good.

I suspect that few people would dispute that Weaving Arts and Rugkazbah contain far more useful more content related to rugs than does ****. It also contains excellent comment on the market and a lot of vinegar. Dilute the vinegar (but not too much) and RK will become even more interesting.

Author: anonymouse
Tue, Feb 14th, 2006 01:34:35 PM

RK Replies: Yeah, right, squeeky.

Go read the content of the 7 Weaving Art Museum exhibitions RK authored and you can learn what you need to know.

But RK imagines anyone who is afraid to post their name will have enough hang-ups, intellectual and otherwise, to prevent learning anything that is not spoon-fed to them.

And, little man, we don’t spoon feed the likes of you, plus why should we?

Or, for that matter, why should we post our credentials for an ig like you or price=clown? Ours are not germane here other than in professor price=clown’s dopey desire to shift the focus from a 40 year career that is as barren of professional achievements as the Mojave Desert.

For the record RK has a BA in sociology and has written 5 books about historic rugs and textiles.

Founding the Weaving Art Museum and RK.com, writing almost all the content found therein, as well as designing them and overseeing their realization are also very public achievements RK can notch his belt with.

What else have we accomplished?

Ask around you might hear a tid-bit or two, as we are not only enmeshed in the world of historic rugs.


Couldn't find any reference to your credentials on www.weavingartmuseum.org. Not even an 'about me' page. Maybe you can provide us with a link to the relevant page? Or do you mean the text you have written there? That's hardly credentials.

Tue, Feb 14th, 2006 10:26:38 AM

RK Replies: Good day

Either you have only read this thread or you need an immediate visit to your local optometrist.

There is content galore here, check it out before squawking.

And as for my credentials?

Go read the Weaving Art Museum thoroughly, you might learn something about rugs but you will surely learn RK knows about them.

Also, my credentials are not in question, price’s are and diverting the issue, as professor clown is doing, can fool no one, except a dumb dingo like you, anonymouse.

Enjoy your read thru RK.com and the WeavingArtMuseum.org


This website consists of mostly malicious and unsubstantiated personal attacks, which are repeated over and over again. The informational content, with respect to rugs, is close to zero. How any intelligent and reasonable human being can take this website seriously is beyond me.

Jack, give us some content for a change. Show us your credentials.

Author: theshadow
Mon, Feb 13th, 2006 04:56:33 PM

RK Replies: We have a good idea who the shadow is, or at least who is posing as the shadow this time, and appreciate his sparing us the words.

Price is the webmaster for his University, hence his excuse spending time "maintaining" the website?

It's a good point, we are very glad you did bring it up but it is one RK wouldn't even bother mentioning.

There are some many more blatant holes in price=clown's act than his use of his employer's resources and time to play big daddy ding-dong on his piss puddle website.

Eventually he will give up but, like dodds and others because nobody calls them out -- they just continue to go for it.

And that's one of the real issues, as we are sure you and other astute readers well realize.


Steve, While I don't always agree with all of Mr. Cassin's diatribes nor his sometimes ascerbic delivery, he HAS forgotten more in 5 minutes than you will ever know about rugs and textiles. Your attempt here is foolish and misguided. The fact is (whether they choose to admit it or not) that there are many more educated and knowledgable people who read and follow this site than follow yours. The content of your site and the quality of the rugs discussed is patheticly poor, you must know that.

In addition, physiology may be something you can study at school, rugs aren't. I would have thought you were smarter than that. The fact is that if anyone chose to get past the messanger for the message, Jack is right about almost everything he writes with the exception of his personality attacks. He was one of the pioneers of this field and easily knows more than anyone else I know of.

By the way Steve, I am curious how someone with a tenured professorial position can find the time to spend on the internet that you do. Do you use the University's computers to maintain your website? That's something that they would probably be interested in.

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