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Sat, Feb 18th, 2006 12:48:02 PM
Topic: Turko-dummy Talks about Prayer Rug, no one listens

The comments below in “quotations” were written by steve aka turko-dummy price concerning one of the rugs shown in the Arthur Ross Gallery exhibition organized by dennis dodds.

Here is another photo of that rug although we have already pictured it with some additional comments:
Bad enough to be subjected to dodds's absurd claims this rug is 18th century and a ‘masterpiece’. It is neither and dodds’s belief it is shows why RK has called him a rug know-little, a charlatan and carpet-bagging rug dealer of major proportions.

But as inexpert as dodds continually proves himself every time he opens his mouth lately, steve the turko-dummy has him beat by a long shot.

To realize RK.com is the only place where dodds gets called out for being a greasy carpet-bagging dealer and price for publicly demonstrating his pompous, rug ignorant pseudo-expertise, sheds a klieg-light of illumination on rugdom’s inabilities to self-regulate or even to realize it must.

Reading price’s publicly offered reply to someone questioning dodds’s assertions about this rug shows price=clown’s pathetic understanding of historic carpets, their milieu and, even more importantly, his own special brand of meat-headed rug posturing.

Sorry professor clown but the unique reasons the Pazaryk Carpet is in relatively good condition– it was buried for millenia in a frozen Kurgan (grave)and (probably) was made for that purpose – surely has major bearings on why it cannot be intelligently included in discussing any other rug’s state of preservation, especially a mid-19th century or later piece of airport-art, like that prayer rug.

Only an idiot and someone incapable of exerting proper reasoning skills, forget about rug expertise, could possibly offer it as an example in this instance.

But that’s steve price, in a nut shell – an ignorant boorish clod who believes he has something to say and, far worse, believes what he says is relevant and worthwhile.

Go, read on and have a good laugh:

“Hi Ben

Condition is not a very decisive criterion of age, especially in a prayer rug.

If this one was used for prayer, it would not have had contact with shoes or with feet that had not been washed immediately before contact with it.

If it was in a mosque, it might even have been buried beneath the surface by other rugs, sheltered from abrasion and light.

Even if it was not used in prayer, it might have hung on a wall for much of its life.

And, if it was badly worn, it may have had lots of restoration.

I'm not attributing it to any particular time by making these comments, just pointing out some of the circumstances under which a rug might be in excellent condition (as judged from a photo) despite great age.

Perhaps the most extreme case is the Pazyryk rug, woven more than 2 millennia ago, but still in extraordinary condition.

Regards Steve Price”

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