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Sat, Feb 25th, 2006 09:04:40 AM
Topic: Hypocrite Gapper

In his sophomoric "Last/Page" essay we cited earlier today, dodds makes a plea, among others he utters, for "...more university professors to lead aspiring students to do research on rugs".

Might sound OK on the surface but only a dim-wit like dodds, degree as an architect or not, could miss the obvious -- who is going to lead the aspiring professors to rugs? Him?

And get this, dodds is described by hali as "Dennis R. Dodds, an architect by training and a collector, is Secretary-General of the International Conference on Oriental Carpets and lives in Philadelphia."

This is, without any doubt, the most blatant bit of crapola -- collector of what? sucker customers? their money?

No man, dodds is a rug DEALER and lives in his RUG GALLERY in Philadelphia.

Right now wake up all of you -- this cannot be condoned by hali's readership and face it folks, most of you, in fact almost all of you, are subscribers or active readers.

Go write it -- complain -- you should and while you're at it write one also and address it to: LACMA Wilshire Blvd LA, California.

To be continued

Author: jc
Sat, Feb 25th, 2006 09:04:40 AM

In his "Last/Page" piece dodds laments about the "...disproportionate lack of contributions from the academic world."

RK can only wonder where is that "respect from academia"dodds mentioned in his opening paragraph? Oh, that's right, this alleged "respect" is only for hali and not for the rug world in general or the so importantly named International Conference on Oriental Carpets(ICOC). Jezzz, how stupid of us to assume differently.

"And if we are to build a future in this field filled with reliable new knowledge about oriental carpets, this (ed. academic) gap needs to be closed."

"Build a future in this field"? Is dodds joking? Does his sale of that rug to LACMA with its false dating, provenance and supposed status show dodds's interests in "building a future" for this field?

Come on now, dodds's hypocritical stance is revolting and he is not fooling anyone with it.

Judging dodds by his actions, and not his words which the old saying "talk is cheap" nicely describes, we'd have to say dodds is either a fool for not recognizing the multitude of instances where he has outrageously overdated and foolishly mis-provenanced many of the rugs he has publicly, and privately, offered for sale or he knows and is nothing more than a disingenuous conman out to say whatever he feels like to make a sale.

So where is dodds's awareness for the need to close this "academic gap" really at? Surely his actions do not show any real interest -- again dodds is talking the talk but can't manage to walk the walk.

The remaining few paragraphs are only more of the same blah blah.

If dodds wants to see "... more rug-related courses in university curricula." and "...interest from the academic community" perhaps he might realize selling a late genre period reproduction Turkish Village Rug to a major museum(LACMA) as a 16th century masterpiece is about a destructive a move anyone could make to prevent the academic community to take an interest in this field.

If , as dodds laments "We need to grow through the application of creative inspiration..." perhaps he is describing the "creative inspiration" that led him to lie and deceive LACMA to make his sale?

He ends this self-possessed and hypocritical exercise by stating "We need....to ensure that the significant progress we have made over the past three decades will continue."

Frankly, RK believes the promise and excitement which surrounded the field of Oriental Rugs in the mid to late 1970's was a pinnacle. But now, 30 years later, this field has again returned to the old school hajji baba BS and a new school of rug grandees.

There is no real significant "progress" other than the etablishment of a central organ(hali) that is miserably biased and self-promoting in almost all respects of its operation; two associations (icoc/acor) that are totally undemocratic in their operations and methods and finally a group of poseur pooh-bahs (dodds, franses, etc et al) who lord over rugdom like they were anointed by God.

No, no no a selfish clod like dodds, whose actions have proven his piss-poor character and lack of rug expertise, should be laughed out of rugdom for writing such a hypocritical article and not ignored by everyone who is too busy or lazy to stand up and actually help to change the very situation dodds is so morally ill-equipped to present.

Author: jc
Fri, Feb 24th, 2006 12:38:19 PM

To say dodds's writing style is turgid would not be wrong and neither would saying the content demonstrates his less than admirable comprehension of the complexities writing about historic Oriental Rugs requires.

Of all the high profile ruggies, why hali let dodds write about this so-called, and poorly named in our opinion, "Academic Gap" is questionable, as dodds has not done anything scholarly in his long years as a rug dealer and grandee.

Again that's our opinion, which it seems only those in the know agree with, as the lumpen of rugdom believing the BS and bogus hype dodds receives.

Here is how dodds begins his article: "In his recent letter(Hali 137 p. 23.) Professor Cecil L Striker of the Art History Department at the University of Pennsylvania takes issue with the comments in the previous issue's editorial, and mentions the respect that he and others in academia have for Hali."

Respect for hali in academia? Give me a break, dodds, you self-promoting poseur. Who in academia respects hali?

Those who are given free subscriptions to help that respect along.

No, this is but another dumb ass comment from dodds, in an article printed by hali to hype themselves and him.

Disgusting, totally fabricated and invented nonsense, so much for facts here in this article.

Dodds then continues with "But his letter points to a glaring, long-lamented gap between the sources of information relating to oriental carpet studies."

Word master dodds, aka mr turgid, apparently needs some help framing his thoughts.

What does that sentence mean? It is surely lost on us and we are sure you, too.

"As soon as we step away from the study of 'classical' carpets into the realm of tribal and village rugs we lose our connection with much of the academic community"

First we'd like mr dodds to explain what the academic community at large has done, now or in the past, in regards to rug scholarship and research?

And second, we like to state from our vantage point it is clear dodds never had any connection to lose with non-classical rugs and we sincerely doubt he has much of one with 'classical' ones either.

"Professor Striker's letter exposes the disconnection (ed. with academia) and raises an important issue. It is clear the range of lecturers at our International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) is heavily weighted towards museum curators and private collectors/dealers or amateurs in its highest meaning"

Again we see a disconnect between dodds brain and his pen. In "what highest meaning" is dodds speaking: Surely not his knowledge, research or writings, as they are nowhere near any such pinnacle.

"In the academic programmes of the last four ICOCs. some two hundred papers were presented."

Well if quantity meant quality then the ICOC would have to be called a super-quality affair.

But since the reality is far, far from that, and most of the 200 papers are either re-hashed presentations of old material, worthless throw-away spiels by folks who need to get their conference fees and hotel rooms paid for by signing up as speakers or low level pseudo-academics by ruggies whose knowledge is on par with a rug-poser like dodds, wed have to pooh-pooh any thoughts the ICOC really presents much that is meaningful or important. Its not to say the ICOC lectures never do and are all bad but most if not the majority are less than satisfactory and only a miniscule percentage of them have stellar or even above average content.

Most of these ICOC presenters are like dodds, they can talk the talk but stumble badly when it comes to walking the walk.

OK then thats it for our look at the first half of dodds's article, which is one that says little to us other than hali publishing and dodds writing it as a tit for tat exchange of back-slapping mutual admiration and hype.

To be continued.

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