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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Tue, Mar 7th, 2006 01:53:07 AM
Topic: About Us

Recently some clown demanded we post our CV and explain why we are qualified to hold the positions we do in such a public fashion.

Someone else then remarked there was no "About Us" section on the WAMRI website.

What does it really matter, in either instance, since the subject -- appreciating and sharing that appreciation with others – really has nothing to do with the who is question. And in our ventures, a Museum of historic Near Eastern weavings and an internet discussion board about the same, we gladly take the back seat to the art or to our message – let the photographs of the weavings and our words be our CV.

And because neither site sells anything or asks anything of visitors -- they only give – do you really care who is providing this?

When you visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York or Louvre in Paris do you ask whois/aboutus?

No, and you even pay admission whereas RK and WAMRI are Free.

So enjoy the show and how about a few of you getting off sitting on your hands and writing in.

Try it, you'll like it.

And unless your message is as bogus as LACMA's "Bellini" or as far from the truth as dodds telling them it is a “masterpiece” RK.com will be glad to host you and RK will, as always, add our unbiased thoughts to any discussion we feel qualified to join or instigate.

Author: some idiot whose IP located to Houston, Texas
Tue, Mar 7th, 2006 01:53:07 AM

RK Replies:

Have your fun, little men, throwing spit ball but soon RK will begin our retaliation.

Enjoy your freedoms here to post dribble but recognize what goes around, comes around -- and you do know about centrifugal forces, don't cha?


I have to confess that I am a mentally disturbed person. I realize that in my extremely rare moments of lucidity, like now. Please forgive me. Help me if, you can, when I tread again the path of my folly. Thanks.

Author: John Lewis
email: john_lewis@mac.com
Mon, Mar 6th, 2006 03:14:28 PM

RK Replies:

Greetings John:

1. We do not, nor have ever, censored posts and are surprised you would even suggest we do.

We have, however, limited the use of our site to those who do not egregiously test the limits of our willingness to let anyone say anything. Those few who have tested the limits have, in fact, been banned and thus prevented from posting and even viewing this website.

Some time ago, as we explained in an earlier post, we ceased to allow anyone to post links to outside sites and, at that time, prevented anyone from writing the full name of professor clown's website.

Therefore, when you or anyone types in that website's name the following **** appears.

We decided, for the moment, to leave both these tools in place, since we know as soon as we remove them the pissants will again abuse our openness.

2. As for referring to us as one of the "Ladies", we also take exception to that, as well.

We are fully prepared to back our position up with whatever it takes and believe few, if any, of our detractors would be as willing.

So please enjoy RK.com and post here whenever you like.

P.S. As for our questioning steve price's credentials and academic achievements? We did this to prove not only in the world of rugs is professor clown, a clown.

His standing in his 'profession' is even lowered than it is in rugdom.

As for our credentials? We believe our writing, both here on RK.com and the Weaving Art Museum website, as well as the 5 books we have authored prove our expertise and achievement.

The collection we have built over the last 35 plus years is also testament to our ability to put our money and expertise where our mouth is.

As a final note, we also collect in other areas have have several collections that are equally preeminent in their respective fields.


Ladies - put down your handbags. I am quite prepared to support Jack Cassin and let my name and email address be known - I have no need for anonymity. I also understand the term "I have forgotten more than you have ever known" since I use it myself in my own professional field. People who want to learn something about rugs are far more likely to learn things on Rugkazbah than they are on turk-tek.com - and the serious issues that are addressed on RK are not discussed elsewhere. Both sites censor posts. A persons academic achievements (or lack of them) are irrelevant - you should both have learnt that by now.

Mon, Mar 6th, 2006 02:46:40 PM

RK Replies: OK mr anonymous, we will give you the benefit of doubt and answer you politely.

However, since you are too timid to post with your name, putting any credence in your accusations would be like putting water into a pail with a hole in the bottom -- a futile exercise.

That withstanding, we defy you, or anyone, to try and substantiate your absurd charges. But, just for grins, how about detailing one for us and our readers?

Try to limit yourself to the subject at hand -- historic rugs and weavings from the Near East.

But, if you must, we will accept your attempt to open any other issue.

Go post your reply in the appropriate Topic Area and we will be glad to make you look even more foolish than you do now.


The outer limits of reality, truth and intelligence Jack, if you are serious about this, you should be the first to be banned from this website. Your posts, although numerous, surely have surpassed the outer limits of reality, truth and intelligence.

Author: jc
email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Mon, Mar 6th, 2006 09:40:13 AM

RK.com's board is open to anyone to post anything they want.

However, we will not accept or allow anyone to take advantage of that freedom or to senselessly abuse the privledge we grant.

What is abuse and how far will we allow someone to go before we plug the plug on them?

Let's just say we will condone a quite high level but when it reaches the outer limits of reality, truth and intelligence we reserve the right to withdraw anyone's ability to use this board.

So think carefully before you attempt to test us and remember everything you do on the internet is traceable -- there is nowhere to hide once you hit that enter key.

'Nuff said?

Author: Steve Price=clown
Mon, Feb 27th, 2006 01:19:46 PM

RK Replies: Price, you are an idiot whose reasoning abilities are lower than an flea in a semi-truck's tire track.

Everyone we know is sick of your excuses, half-truths and pompous self-important BS, forget your inability to say anything cogent about a rug, even ones like your collection of airport-art.

Instead of posting your dribble and pseudo-Clouseau fact-finding here go read one of our books on historic weavings, you might learn something.

We have no time to to refute the obvious -- how stupid and senselesss your accussations are -- and, frankly, we don't care a wink what you say.

No one listens to you and, even worse, you talk to no one who knows anything.

And unless you forgot to look lately you, and not RK, are the one who is marginalized so far on the sidelines you might as well be in the bleechers.

We'd ban your IP from posting here because you are only a nuisance and a pest but then you'd accuse us of not doing what we say.

So enjoy the freedoms here that you are unwilling to grant and, of course, your stupendous ignorance.

Clown, as we just said, enjoy but do it elsewhere.


Hi Jack

You obviously value the truth so highly that you reserve it for special occasions. I will correct your most recent lies here.

You wrote, about Turk0tek, that we ... require all vsitors (sic) who wish to post something to register and anything posted on his site has to pass thru (sic) a moderator(steve price) to gain his approval before it is posted on the site.

Turk0tek does not and never has required registration in order to post. Anyone (well, nearly anyone) can post as a guest, and many do. The only messages that require moderator approval are those posted by guests and a few of the registered members, and approval requires only that the rules of behavior, prominently posted on the site, are not violated.

You also wrote, in response to being asked to produce credentials to support your claims of expertise, What does it really matter, in either instance, since the subject -- appreciating and sharing that appreciation with others – really has nothing to do with the who is question

If this (ugh!) site dealt with appreciation and sharing it, you'd be right. But it doesn't. It deals with your insistence that you are an expert on rugs and matters related to them. Such a claim requires credentials. You have none, and the only basis you are able to provide to support your claim to expertise is that you say you are an expert. That's not even weak, it's ridiculous.

You claim to have a huge following, but only one has posted an endorsement, and he (or she) wouldn't allow his/her name to be associated with yours in public. Oh, please reassure your fellow yapping dog that my computer usage is completely within the rules to which I am subject at work and that my university was aware of my activities long before you made your phone calls. I am very careful about such things.

In view of your obvious lack of credentials and your habit of presenting fabrications as facts, it's clear that you are a much richer source of misinformation than of information.

Let the yapping resume.

Author: Jacques
email: nevermind@hotmail.com
Sun, Feb 26th, 2006 06:43:48 AM

RK Replies: Not to glorify your inane post with a reply let’s just say the following: Clownland and professor clown require all vsitors who wish to post something to register and anything posted on his site has to pass thru a moderator(steve price) to gain his approval before it is posted on the site.

To us that sure is asking something.

Plus to compare the content and expertise exhibited on RK.com versus price's amateur-hour "rug" website is like comparing a puddle at the end of your driveway with the Atlantic Ocean.

Sorry "jacques" your position is as bogus as the rug LACMA bought from dodds.

Now that we said that can we expect you to write in and tell us all how great dodds's LACMA rug is?

And, of course in that process, how wrong we are in saying it is a late period genre reproduction that belongs on the floor in front of someone's living room fireplace rather than in a major art museum presented as something it clearly is not?


Bullshit. You wrote “either site sells anything or asks anything of visitors -- they only give – do you really care who is providing this?”

Steve’s site doesn’t sell anything or asks anything of visitors either. For the same reason you shouldn’t question Steve’s academic CV, which on the top of it, has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with rugs & weavings. But when you are challenged to provide YOUR CV you hide behind these flimsy excuses? Shame on you, JackCass_in.

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