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email: jc@rugkazbah.com
Sun, Mar 5th, 2006 06:31:06 PM
Topic: Boorish Lout, Petty Burgher

RK called erik risman, who is one of the officers of acor, to speak with him about the exhibition of those bogus Ottoman embroideries acor will exhibit in Boston.

Actually we called him up to lobby for the acor committe to realize these embroideries are plain, out-and-out fakes and there is not reason to exchibit them other than to help their owner possibly sell them.

The call did not go well from the get-go and here is the email RK sent reisman to put him on notice of our displeasure with his imperious and incredibly foolish demeanor:


you, like your "friend" mark Hopkins, are nothing but a boorish lout

you both clearly believe you are something you are not

i don't appreciate rudeness and putting words in my mouth and then when caught, hanging up, is in my book pretty rude behaviour

what makes you think you can get away with such nonsense?

because you are an officer of an organization, acor, that is, like turk-tek.com, an amateur hour run by those who are even less than amateurs?

let's see who remains standing after we all have turned to dust....guarantee you my name and what i have done, and will do, will be there in caps and you and the rest of the petty, little burghers who think they own, run or speak for rugdom will be as noted as those pieces of toilet paper you wipe your butt with

congrats, risman, you proved in less than 100 seconds what a fool and jerk you are---record time

Author: jc
Sun, Mar 5th, 2006 06:31:06 PM

As for mark hopkins?

We have had a few, very few, exchanges with him over the years and always found him to be nothing but another pompous pseudo-rug collector.

We have, though, heard a number of rather unflattering stories about his attempts to prove his mettle as a collector and, frankly, they were as comical as professor clown's greasy-spoon antics in rugdom.

Like our government, it seems those at the "top" in rugdom are not the intelligentsia but the unintelligent.

Why do all the people who really are in the know about rugs avoid being on these "committees" like they would the plague?

The list of ding-dongs on acor's roster could out chime St. Peters on Christmas morning.

If one takes a very close look at the schedule of exhibitions and talks at acor, it is readily apparent there is mostly nothing other than self-promotion or backslapping paybacks.

The icing on that cake is, of course, the presentation of those bogus embroideries pacquin found (or did they find him?).

How anyone in their right mind could possibly believe they are real and then plan an "exhibition" of them is completely unfathomable.

However, that point is readily explained when considering the mental midget and know-little who made that decision. Guess who that was? Try mark hopkins.

No, hopkins, his thin checkbook and holier than thou attitude, which by the way is shared by most of the other grandees who now are the arbiters of what happens at icoc and acor, shouldn't be in charge of the refreshment stand at a rug conference, let alone on the central committee.

And their dumb-bell ideas, like the pacquin exhibition, and their nods to pseudo-academics by staging 20 minute "lectures" that will be forgotten by most in the audience before they even leave the lecture room prove our opinions quite well.

Watch and see, itíll be deja-vu all-over-again; same mistakes and same ďIím sorrys" afterwards. Hello wendle swann.

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