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Tue, Mar 7th, 2006 09:38:15 AM
Topic: Loud, Resounding Thud

Well, we knew it along and finally it has happened, hali has hit bottom with a loud and resounding thud.

Today’s email brought us, and we are sure many of you, an “announcement” from hali of an auction run by something called “GoIndustry Henry Butcher – Industrial Asset Disposal and Valuation”.

Is hali so desperate as to have to spam its email list with offers to buy “100% Woolen Rugs and 100% Silk Carpet Oriental and Persian Design” rugs?

Well, guess not any longer because that’s exactly what this “announcement” is all about.

What made it even worse is this email was virus laden and crashed one of RK.com’s computer repeatedly until we were able to trash their missive.

And on top of that while making it appear that this Butcher Company (great name by the way) is located in Great Britain, it isn’t and if one reads on further it says “assets located in Fo Tan, Hong Kong".

What is going on in the world of antique and historic rugs?

First the LACMA/dodds fiasco raises no alarms, then the pacquin bogus embroidery scandal, both in hali and acor’s planned ‘exhibition’, raises no alarms, and now we have direct mailing of dime-store quality rugs unfit for even a bathroom floor in your local Shell Gas Station sent out to us all.

Is RK the only person who is alarmed by these developments?

Is RK.com the only place where the truth about the world of rugs regularly appears.

Judging from the facts we’d have to say: “Yes it is”.

By the way, concerning hali, those two issues we were given last month --numbers 142 and 143 – were miserably bound, had numerous spelling mistakes and generally provided little actual information or insight on any truly interesting topics about antique rugs and textiles.

Wake up, rugdom, the rising tide of mediocrity these and other events signal will soon over-run the beach-heads some of us have worked so hard to establish.

The choice is yours – speak up and start to change this unseemly direction or continue wallow in the tide of incompetence and triviality we see engulfing rugdom.

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