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Tue, Mar 14th, 2006 12:56:39 PM
Topic: More Loud Resounding Thuds

We have lately rebuked hali magazine for a number of their dumb as rocks editorial decisions and also their continuing attempts to present their magazine’s orientation as anything but the agenda based, highly biased commercial enterprise it is and has always been.

The other day RK was looking at their website and discovered their “About Us” and “Who We Are” flight of fantasy.

Yesshhh, beam me up, Scottie, there’s no life on this planet.

Is the hali staff drinking Kool-aid laced with some powerful inebriants, or somnambulants?

That, or the fact these folks believe what appears to us to be only Tinkerbell fairy-dust, could be the only explanations we can see.

Just for fun we decided to add some fresh dough to the day old bread those bakers at hali think they can pass off as today’s loaf. We add our thoughts in italics after their “About Us” hallucination:


The world leader in its field, HALI (the name means carpet in Turkish) is the glue that holds the international rug and textile art market together.”

Glue that holds it together? Come on, boys, for all intents and purposes the only glue we can see is the large deep puddle of it hali is mired in up to their necks and that is dripping off their silly grins.

Perhaps, in 1978 and 1979, hali might have been able to ‘claim’ such an outrageous position but now, any similar thoughts, would be impossible to credence.

“Described as "the benchmark against which all other art publications measure their quality", HALI is an international bi-monthly magazine of exceptional style, brimming with information and re-designed for the new millennium.”

”…Benchmark against which all other art publications measure their quality”? Oy vey, have these people looked around at reality lately? Fluff like this is egregious, especially considering the physical qualities of the magazine, like binding and color-reproduction, are now at an all time low-orbit.

In fact, the rippled bindings the latest issues exhibit, well at least numbers 141 and 142 (the only two we have seen over the last few years), and the chancy color reproduction of the illustrations in article and adverts sure doesn’t support hali’s claims of superiority in that department, now does it?

“It is essential reading for the amateur and the connoisseur alike.”

And speaking about reading, does anyone at hali read the dribble that has mostly passed for ‘scholarly articles’?

Sure appears to RK they don’t, and not to mention spelling, but in the days of digital spell-checkers how can hali have so many errors? Or are they still using their old Funk and Wagnall’s hand held model?

If so, better let those fingers do more walking, as “essential” readers like to see correct spelling and syntax, especially in the world’s “leading art magazine”(or one that isn’t but is not embarrassed to make such high falutin’ claims).

“Unlike other art and antiques publications, it is the single most influential force within its specialised constituency.”

Well, considering it is basically the only publication in this constituency -- let’s face it gereh is way down on the totem pole and no other competitor exists -- such a claim is rather worthless, in any real world sense.

But that fact is surely lost and moot to hali’s staff of self-propelling hypsters.

“HALI plays a pivotal role in the field of carpets and textiles, leading trends, tastes and opinions as well as promoting the business through the comprehensive nature of its editorial coverage.”

Hardy ha ha -- this is but nothing other than more inane self-promotion that has about as much truth as claims Saddam was a nuclear powerhouse.

It is true hali attempts to lead trends, tastes and opinions – too bad they do that in such transparently obvious ways to only benefit their pet dealers, rug grandees and advertisers.

And as far as “…promoting business through the comprehensive nature of its editorial coverage.”? The only business they promote is that which benefits them.

For example, if a publisher wishes to have hali review a book the only way to guarantee that is by giving them the agency to sell it. Forget any independent reviews, all of them appear only because the publisher has advertised and/or given them the right to sell the publication.

Plus, hali demands 40 or more percent of the selling price to act as a selling agent, and if there is no agreement there, no “review” will grace their pages.

This type of incestuous business is business-as-usual for them and RK knows this for a fact, as we experienced it years ago when we were publishing our books.

If this doesn’t destroy any illusions hali is, even in the slightest, an independent unbiased organization, we don’t know what further proof could.

“HALI covers the textile arts of all cultures and periods in an eclectic mixture of articles which range from sumptuously illustrated original scholarly features to lively, provocative reviews of exhibitions and books.”

Damn, this sure sounds great but, in reality, it is more hollow hype.

Are the scholarly articles ones like gerard pacquin’s dopey flight of fantasy concerning those blatant fake embroideries?

Or a “review” by ted mast of dodds’s “Anatolian Masterpiece Exhibition”, that lauds a carpet-bagging shyster like dodds to the point of putting a halo around his swelled-head?

Or hali’s refusal to even acknowledge, let alone come down on the right side, of the fiasco the LACMA rug’s purchase has been shown to be?

If so, then pass the Kool-aid because RK needs a stronger dose to see the logic of their statements when compared to the reality of their efforts.

“These are balanced by the up to date news-oriented market sections which include reports of dealers' shows worldwide, and a unique and extensively researched illustrated price guide (the most popular item in the magazine) to the most important items sold at auction.”

Again, any reader who has followed RK knows these statements are as bogus as calling dodds a rug expert. Nothing more than noxious bilge dredged from the hold of a ship, the HMS hali, that is sinking faster than a torpedoed freighter in a category 10 storm.

Old timers in the rug game know how far hali has sunk in the past 20 years.

For a while that process was slow and barely perceptible but, in the past 5 or so, it has accelerated and, now, even newbie readers could not help but see the hype in their “About Us” section does nothing other than highlight hali’s penchant to glorify itself with imaginary klieg lights when, in fact, only a rusty old 99 cent flashlight, with diminishing battery power, is actually there.

What we write is truth, and we know it is not only ours. But what we find incredulous is, besides ours, no one else in the rug world bothers to open their mouths, or flex their keyboards, to put hali on notice that their hype and BS has finally over-run acceptable limits of propriety and reality.

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