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Author:Alberto Boralevi
Tue, Mar 21st, 2006 06:49:33 PM
Topic: Another jo-mamma?

RK Replies: Greetings and ciao Alberto:

We will have our webmaster put a photo of the piece in question online here this afternoon.

Also we removed the hyperlinks you placed in your post, as we do not allow them any longer.

Some time ago a few posters abused our open door policy and we decided to close the door on them, so to speak.

I will add some comments later as well.


Dear Jack,

Only today and just by chance I have found your kind comment on my Chodor tent-band fragment. I have noticed that it had been posted several months ago on October 13th (which year?).

If you had sent a copy to me I would have reacted before.

Well, when I purchased this jo-mamma (as you called it) I dreamed that it could have been the side panel of a kapunuk and a very rare piece, because in my experience I never saw any Chodor kapunuk.

Later on, at the 2001 Hali Fair in London I found a larger fragment of an almost identical piece (see attachment).

Unfortunately I don't have any exact dimension, nor a picture of the complete item, but I remember that it was more than three meters long.

What do you think about it? Could have been the side panel of a giant kapunuk for a giant yurta?

On the other hand I have been told that full pile tent-band are not so rare among Chodors, especially for late pieces like my one.

I am not dreaming at all, but I would like, and my piece is still unsold and posted again in a new, smaller, online fragment exhibition,that can be seen at [Alberto's website ed.]

Your wise and expert opinion will be very much appreciated,

Alberto Boralevi

Author: jc
Tue, Mar 21st, 2006 06:49:33 PM


To answer the crucial question:
Are these two pieces part of the same object, be it kapunnuk or tent-band?

Even though the technical details are not known for the other piece, the one you say was from London, it still appears pretty certain these are not fragments off the same weaving.

I do believe the first fragment, the original jo-mamma, is part of a kapunnuk but do recognize it could easily be a tentband of some sort, as well.

You agree the piece you have is not very old and during the sunset years of Turkmen weaving some pretty aberrant and rather "curious" pieces were made.

Anyway, here are the two pieces side-by-side. The one on the right is the one in your exhibition and the one of the left is the piece you say you saw in London.

Also below them we will repost our original jo-mamma post..

Seems Alberto Boralevi is having a small selling exhibition of Turkmen rugs from the advert he has recently placed on his website. One of the 'treasures' he will be offering up to all those hungry turk0manics will be a supposed Jolami (tent-band) fragment.

Here is a photo and his description of it below:

"Full pile jolami (tent band) fragment with typical Chodor colours and all wool foundation"

Based on the size of this fragment - 3.5 feet by 1 foot - the inexperienced observer could be deceived into believing this fragment might have been from a tentband. However, it's not.

This piece is surely one of the side panels from a kappunuk and not in any way, shape or form part of a tentband.

Signore Boralevi, like many other dealers, knows how to talk the talk but stumbles badly when trying to walk the walk. Could he actually run with the ball? RK.com's opinion on that one: Doubt it, as Alberto's Jolami dream is nothing more than a Jo-Mamma illusion.

So Alberto, if you need some consultation and help with your Turkmen's in the future, post them here on Rk.com and I'll be glad to assist before you trip over those shoe-laces again.

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