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Thu, Apr 6th, 2006 10:20:11 AM
Topic: acor hustle

When will these icoc/acor people ever learn?

Past and present rug conference planners have, and are presently, missing the boat as far as RK is concerned.

Their desire to have an "academic" program is laudable, however, only if the program really is academic. And, so far, that has not been achieved.

RK has attended enough of these events -- both icoc and acor -- to realize there is, and has been, little that one could truly call academic, when considering the presentations done at these affairs.

This situation is not a pretty one and should be changed asap.

The icoc conference programs, and now acor's as well, are always stuffed to the gills with presentations -- most of which are either rehashes of previously presented information or just plain old ho-hum, who really cares, short monologues.

Then, of course, there are the exhibitions staged in conjunction with these conferences.

Often these exhibitions have been, and are, mired in rug world politics, paybacks and prejudices.

And those in the upcoming acor Boston event appear to follow in that mold.

Some months ago, just for fun, RK called up mark hopkins, who is the titular head (should we say dick-head) of acor Boston.

We asked hopkins why, since we are from the area, we were not contacted to lend some pieces from our collection to any of the planned exhibitions.

He replied, and we should note he did this from his high horse (we’d believe a hobby-horse), since we "...were not a member of the New England Rug Society..." we were not considered.

When we pushed hopkins by saying the conference is not a New England Rug Society event, is open to the public and is a public event, hopkins realized he’d been cornered into an indefensible position, quickly asked "Is there anything else." and then, rather unceremoniously, hung up the phone.

Now RK has little desire to be involved in an amateur status event like acor that is organized, by the way, by amateurs like hopkins et. al.

Plus we realize our collection might make those held by others that are included look rather, well, amateur.

We are sure this is the main reason we, and others we know in the area, were overlooked and will not be represented in any of the exhibitions.

But this is surely not our main point here.

In a nutshell, we think these conferences are nothing more than a hustle and a shuffle -- programs packed so tightly with events they force participants to be constantly running from one to the next from morning to night.

RK believes it would be far better to have a smaller, but higher quality schedule – one not so packed with low quality events – to allow everyone time to learn, socialize and interact on their own time and schedule.

Of all the "lectures" on the acor’s Boston rooster, at best maybe one or two will really provide some interesting information. Why then have more than 20 others that are, in fact, mostly nothing more than vanity presentations or rug world favors and paybacks?

Nope, it is time to re-examine the modus operandi of these events and make them more user friendly and less pompous and pedantic.

The upcoming acor Boston will, RK thinks, fail miserably in the same way all the others have. And afterwards, as we wrote the other day, there will be the same excuses and mea culpas offered by the organizers.

Time is running out and it is high time we all had conferences that were nourishing for all and not meal-tickets for the organizers, rug world grandees and their ilk to parade their stuff like they were royalty.

We are also sure a better, more worthwhile event could be organized without charging $375.00 per person to attend.

Cut down the freebies and flak and we think it could be done for $100.00 per person.

Think about it and remember these conferences should not create a hustle-bustle environment with a schedule over-loaded with “events” packed as tight as sardines in a can.

More free time to explore and higher quality presentations would go along way to satisfying the objectives these meetings are intended for – after all they are not personality events and sadly that’s what, in reality, they have become.

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