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Author:Ashok Patel
Sat, Apr 15th, 2006 11:33:04 AM
Topic: Interesting thread on Turorejects

RK Replies:

The clown of rugland, steve price, has proven to all he is a bumpkin and his role as 'moderator' is a joke of major proportions.

Why he continues to pretend he is able to do anything other than make himself look like a fool is only further proof of a less than average intellect and piss-poor reasoning ability.

By the way, those unintelligible "Tamga" are neither embroidered nor woven -- they are usually a type of 'loom embroidery' that can be better described as supplemental pattern wefting.

You are more correct than steve in calling them "woven" but referring to them as 'loom embroidery' would be the most correct and descriptive.


Interesting thread on Turorejects, - Tamgas or not? Extraneous motifs on weavings

Steve Price wrote, "No doubt, the doodles were put there, so the person who embroidered them onto the weaving".

Jack I think that this proves that you are right about steve.
That man is as dumb as a rock. The designs were not "embroidered" as dumbass steve says they were woven. How can he run that board if he cannot tell embroidery from weaving.

Then he has to stick the knife in Ken Thompson. Steve's great fault besides stupidity is that steve hates people who are smarter then him. Thompson knows more about what he speaks than anyone else on the board so steve price is jealous.

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