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Sat, Apr 22nd, 2006 02:23:16 PM
Topic: How Ya' Like Them Apples?

After some back and forth thoughts, RK decided last night to get up to Boston early this morning to hear Elizabeth Barber's talk on Prehistoric Textiles.

We also figured on sitting in on gerard pacquin's attempt to convince himself and any listeners stupid enough to believe the embroideries he "discovered" in Turkey are anything other than the reproductions RK has declared them to be.

When we got to the acor registration desk we were told "registration is closed".

After a bit of hemming and hawing on the part of “Sharon Felon”, who is the acor president we believe, she finally came out and told us "We don't want you here and are not going to allow you to register."

How's them apples?

These people are afraid RK will rip them to further shreds for the dopey and amateurish pseudo-event a acor conference is and has always been. Well they can rest assured we will continue to express our opinions, regardless of whether they let us register for the day or not.

The acor board, especially mark aka mr dribbles hopkins who is the titular head and we are sure source of the idea to prevent us from registering to hear the lectures today, needs to get its act together. If they are so afraid to allow RK, the only independent voice in rugdom, access to their "event" it only proves in spades our position on acor is right on and true.

If not, why else would they prevent us from attending it for the day?

Author: Harry Krishna
Sat, Apr 22nd, 2006 02:23:16 PM

RK Replies:


C-l-o-w-n, wake up and smell the patchouli.

The reasons acor's icoc bound board of rug world minuses refused RK entry to their "event" entitles them to no bragging rights.

Does anyone like/want to give entry to critics? No, surely not, and their "decision", petty as all get out may be, is understandable. But it's not supportable in any sense we'll ever recognize.

In the end, RK's intentions are to help but remember: when help arrives, the former directorate, be it large or small, usually ends up headed towards the door.

This turn of events is obvious.

So denying us entry to hear Elizabeth Barber's talk on the earliest textiles, which was the best one on the rooster as far as we're concerned, and then for comic relief dopey pacqin (yes, we know its paquin) followed by touchy-feely kurt munkaci's "Favorite Turkmens” will prove for them a short lived victory at best.

Watch and see.


I guess if you didn\'t go to places where you are unwelcome you wouldn\'t be able to go anywhere at all. How sad.

Author: jc
Sat, Apr 22nd, 2006 08:02:06 AM

We did manage to procure a ticket to the exhibitions staged by acor and will report on them next week.

We will, however, say of all the icoc/acor events we have attended, the companion exhibitions in Boston are, in our opinion, the least well conceived and vetted.

It's patently clear the hosting rug club, the new england rug society, turned the event into nothing more than a opportunity to pat itself on the back and show its member rugs rather than obtain better, more important examples from other non-member collectors in the area.

If acor is setup to flatter the hosting group than it succeeds well.

But if the rational for these events is to raise public awareness and to add energy to oriental rug research then they have failed in the past and are presently doing even worse -- acor Boston demonstrating this wherever and however one looks at it.

RK has always believed, and lobbied for, smaller, better quality exhibitions and far fewer meaningless vanity "lectures".

We strongly believe both the icoc and acor need to be seriously reassessed and revamped, not "combined" into one unit as a recently floated "idea” promulgated by hali recommends.

More to come on acor, stay tuned

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