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Tue, Apr 25th, 2006 12:43:43 PM
Topic: RK's acor Impressions

Over the next few days we intend to memorialize our impressions of acor here for all to see.

We should, and must, begin by saying we believe both acor and the icoc need to be seriously revamped to allow more free time to the participants.

We already mentioned the acor hustle and need not revisit those thoughts here again.

Secondly, there were too many average, not really important rugs, on view in the exhibitions -- who needs a show with over 400 plus rugs and textiles on view?

Twenty-five percent of that amount, i.e. 100, would have been plenty -- less is definitely more in this regard.

In fact, if RK was the curator we'd have had 50 max, so as to focus attention -- to actually force people to focus attention -- on weavings that are exemplary examples of their type, rather than create the mental smorgasbord viewing the many less than great pieces acor Boston presented.

Also we spoke to some of the people on the organizing committee and they all told us there was a tremendous amount of politics and personal pressure exerted by certain members of that committee to have certain rugs in the exhibition and others excluded from it.

This is typical for the mostly small minds that are in the power positions of acor and icoc.

RK says it's time to stop this nepotistic BS and show the rugs that are great ones and not mediocre ones just because they belong to the grandees and other politically favored collectors.

One thing is sure, acor Boston will be remembered for its inability to put artistic merit above rug politics.

By the way, we took some pics of the best pieces from the rug exhibitions and will publish them here asap.

There was a considerable amount of grumbling about this event and we know we are not the only ones who believe a change is long overdue.

Also allowing skinners and grogan to mount rug sales in conjunction with the event veritably limited, and in some instances destroyed, possibilities for sales at the dealer's fair.

Almost every dealer we spoke to was upset about this turn of events and positive their mediocre sales were a direct result of that decision.

The organizers of acor raise a considerable amount of their operating budget from those dealer booth rentals and should have been far more protective of them, instead of throwing them to the wolves and allowing almost 500 rugs to hit the block at auctions aimed at acor's audience.

More to come, stay tuned...

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