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Sat, Apr 29th, 2006 12:54:41 PM
Topic: RK Looks @ the acor Exhibitions Part III

We have decided to finish off our review of the rugnik “collection” with these last three pictures and some comments. We have some others pictures but frankly are bored writing about their show.

The first of those pics and the second are ‘wall shots':

The blue field Kazak to the left was our second “favorite” after the long rug with the wild border we illustrated some days ago.

This is a classy Kazak, ancient it ain’t but it is old enough and beautiful enough to get our attention.

That said we must reiterate rugs like these, though we appreciate them, have for a long time now not able to make us stand up and start clapping.

They, this one and the long rug, were , in our estimation, the best of the rugnik’s lot and of their respective types but, again, RK’s heart rarely beats faster when faced with 19th century rugs – and these two surely did not send our pulse racing.

Interestingly enough, this morning RK was talking to a rug collector buddy who said something quite interesting.

Seems he went to see the rugnik pieces three times and he recounted the following to us.

“The first time I went I was really impressed. The second time not nearly as much. The third time made me think why they hung so many rugs that really are not that interesting or important. Many appeared to me to be so similar I hardly remember them.”

This perfectly encapsulates what we have written – they’re good rugs but, in the end, so what – they are not great ones.

Both the Kazak and the long rug with the wild border are, and don’t misunderstand RK here, excellent pieces but the others, by and large, were not nearly in their class.

OK back to the wall of Kazaks we pictured.

The Borjalu is a nice one but, like many others, it just doesn’t take off like the space shuttle from a Cape Canaveral launch pad.

We are not saying this rug fizzles like a wet firecracker but its pop is surely muted. It, like the Borjalu at grogan’s sale, misses by quite a marin being a best of type or a highly exemplary example – sure the grogan piece was flashy and the rugnik’s in far better condition but neither rang the big bell for RK

The somewhat earlier medallion rug hung in the middle we found interesting but, honestly, we do not remember it very well. Had it been a great one we are sure we’d have.

The next photo, also a wall shot, shows two prayer rugs of a somewhat rare type and a three-box Kazak.

The Kazak was nothing we found even interesting and both the two prayer rugs, while better than the box Kazak, are not close to the best of their type.

The last and final picture from the rugnik show is this rather ungainly and geeky Kazak-type rug that actually may have had its origins in eastern Turkey.

When we downloaded these pics from our digital camera we had to name each photo and we called this one “Lesghi mess”.

There was absolutely nothing we saw important or interesting in this weird assemblage of motifs and, while it looks old, it is not and we’d give it a 19th century date.

RK can easily imagine how inexpert eyes might light up and believe it is earlier and something special but, to those with far more experience and knowledge, it surely would not make anyone believe it has early dating.

We found this rug, like most of the rugnik picks, historically unimportant and actually it wins the the ugliest of the bunch award. We wouldn’t use it as a beach blanket and might think twice about laying it down for Fido to nap on.

So, fans of great rugs, this concludes our look at the rugnik show.

As for more on hopkins? Well, since we do not candle to the vast majority of Belouch rugs – only to the greatest of them – and ‘opkins nary had any of those, we’d rather put the time it would take to better use, like organizing our sock drawer.

We will, however, continue to illustrate more pieces from the acor/Boston collector’s show and, naturally, to add some of our comments as well.

So check back..

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