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Sun, May 28th, 2006 10:55:05 AM
Topic: hali, LACMA and the Invisible Stories

RK believes the most amazing rug event of the past century is the refusal of hali magazine to take a position, any position, vis-à-vis the Los Angeles County Art Museum’s (LACMA) purchase of that late genre copy of a supposed circa 1550 "Bellini" rug.

RugKazbah.com has led the charge the seller, dennis dodds, hoodwinked a naive curator at LACMA into recommending its purchase to the Museum's Collector's Circle of benefactors.

So far the Museum has re-set the date this carpet was thought to have been made twice -- first from 1550 to 1600 and now from 1600 to 1650.

And while they are moving it in the right direction, according to us, they still have 100 years or maybe more to go.

To ignore this fiasco makes mockery of hali's belief it is the mouthpiece for the world of rugs.

In fact, it has proven hali to be the agenda driven, advertiser's best friend, we have claimed it is rather than the independent voice its publicity tries to hype.

There is little doubt dodds's kooky ideas the rug is a masterpiece of it type, a museum worthy object and one that justifies the $250,000 he was paid, are totally ridiculous.

Besides the voluminous documentation offered here on RugKazbah.com disproving dodds sales pitch, we have totally discredited the BS story he used in getting the confidence of that curator and bamboozling her into presenting it to the Collector's Committee.

But even worse than dodds’s greed and stupidity in selling a late genre copy to a public institution, as an original, is hali's failure to either join the chorus of disgusted rug collectors, dealers and fanciers who know what a travesty dodds has caused or to provide documentation and support for dodds's dopey position the rug is circa even 1650.

Lord knows how desperate hali is for copy -- witness the pacquin embroidery imbroglio or the mealy-mouthed "study" they recently published on Tekke Main Carpets -- yet not a peep about the dodds/LACMA affair.

Why? Well let's just say not only is the editorial staff extremely rug challenged but since hali is agenda-driven, and dodds is part of that agenda, do we have to say more?

Author: jc
Sun, May 28th, 2006 10:55:05 AM

Once again, another glossy but vapid issue of hali has hit the news stands without even a peep about the two most important issues rugdom has faced in decades.

1. The dodds/LACMA fiasco

2. The pacquin “discovery” of those ghastly fake Ottoman embroideries and the imbroglio that surrounds hali and acor’s role in pimping them.

RK knows how afraid and timid fatboy schaeffer and that imp, ben evans, hali’s not so new editor, are when it comes to doing anything other than cashing their pay checks or patting lame rug-world grandees on the back.

But really now, what do they think everyone, not only RK, makes of this silence?

As far as we are concerned, and some readers who have written in here, this silence speaks loud and clear how biased and prejudiced, forget rug challenged, the editorial staff of hali is.

However, that timidity we just mentioned didn't keep evans, schaeffer or some other cretin on hali’s staff from posting ridiculous innuendo about RK here on our board and getting caught in the act, now did it.

At least these ignoble rug imbeciles and the perpetrator didn't try to claim we lied about where the post came from.

But, then again, when most criminals are caught red-handed they usually don't try to claim their innocence and that's the tack schaeffer, bennie boy and company chose.

RK would just like to remind them although Silence is Golden it’s not when that gold is a shower and you end up drinking it.

Author: jc
Thu, May 4th, 2006 08:44:55 PM

While hali's new editor is no Sherlock Holmes in rugdom, their former editor and fat boy danny schaeffer, who got kicked upstairs in the recent editor shuffle, claims to be the expert ben evans wishes he was.

Should that be the case, and it’s one we doubt, we'd like to see schaeffer lay out his views about the dodds/LACMA rug -- that is if he even could get to first base with such a task.

Frankly, we have about as much confidence schaeffer knows enough about historic rugs to differentiate a symmetric knot from a asymmetric one, as we do in believing george bush will be the savior of Iraq -- no chance.

We heard schaeffer is now going around like a sand flea on steroids saying he was against the publication of the pacquin embroidery article.

More nonsense from schaeffer, for if he knew then what he knows now after reading RK's position on those fake Ottoman embroideries, we are sure he would have killed that article well before it appeared.

We know schaeffer is a big mouth rug airhead who talks the talk glibly but stumbles like a drunk with only one leg when trying to walk the walk.

However, we would like to suggest he crack open some of those books he received from pinner -- after all, danny-boy, the library of rug books pinner so graciously left you in his "will" has enough text and pictures to clue you into the facts dodds's rug is the late genre copy we claim, as well as to prove to you pacquin's discovery of those alleged 17/18th century Ottoman embroideries is equally as bogus and phony.

Try reading them, would’ya, you might actually learn enough to understand and appreciate RugKabah.com.

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