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Fri, May 5th, 2006 09:15:02 PM
Topic: RK's Parting Look at acor/Boston

RK has already expressed our opinions about the parts of the acor/Boston “conference” we observed first hand.

Since their paranoid central committee refused us admission with our press pass, or even when we offered to pay full fare, we were prevented from hearing any of the “talks” or watching the wanna be rug world grandees, those who have already arrived, and those who think rugs are fun cavort and, in general, act like sophomores at a fraternity shindig.

Too bad, we’d have enjoyed pillorying a number of those speakers, their fantasy presentations and calling out the first two categories of attendees for their abysmal lack of concern for the real issues that face rugdom.

But then again they knew we’d roast them like weenies on a 4 of July bonfire and that’s why they shut the door tight when they saw us approaching -- fools, tools and pantywaists all.

Regardless of the fact RK’s coverage is without agenda -- overt, covert or otherwise – and our words ring true as the Liberty Bell‘s used to, the high and mighty mice on the acor central committee obviously fear the truth and how sad that is.

So, even though our coverage was extremely limited, it ran circles around the fluff and puff hali and the other rug website run by that ignoramus professor price=clown mushed out.

Reading the usual crapola on price’s pathetic website is tough enough but witnessing the acor/Boston photos and commentaries they published was positively tougher than a $1.29 steak diner – and about as nauseating.

Really now who’d give a friggin’ GD about what jr, aka dead-eye, howe bought there?

What a piece, huh, especially considering it’s probably repro.

We’d suggest he spend some money on new glasses or joining rug-aholics anonymous. That way anytime he gets the urge to splurge, even the $49.95 that little “wallet” cost him, he’d have a phone number to call and someone could talk him thru his headlong flight into re-addiction.

Yessshhhh, is that fool a moron or what?

And hali? We’d say their cute photos of the same group of rug world grandees and favored mini-ones is getting a bit boring and tired now, aren’t they:
Do you, or does anyone other than their mothers, really care about seeing photos of mary j sothebys or Italy’s big spender at auction, whose just as prone to keep his hands in his pockets when shown rugs in private, moishe tababnia.

Why is he only an auction buyer? Ask him and we are sure tabibnia’s got a dozen answers – all of them as slippery as a plate of pasta al olio.

Did ‘ya notice his rubbing of the hands gesture fat boy schaeffer’s camera couldn’t help but recording?

Should you not know, it’s an age old typical shyster, undertaker, affectation, check it out.

He might be wearing a suit and tie but those proprieties, and all the others a slick willie like tabib affects, are bogus and hardly hide his desire to win at any cost.

Stronzos like tabib often succeed in this life but remember, fans, there’s more to the universe than this life.

If, from what we write, any of you suspect we don’t think tabib is the man, we’d have to say: Your right.

In many ways he reminds us of that cheap criminal ebberhard hermann, though hermann’s vile personality and miserable lack of human virtues are areas tabib has mastered.

But don’t be fooled, tabib is a first class abuser, he just does it with Italian style and while hermann’s Germanic power-stroking hardball was despicable at least he didn’t hide the wolf in a sheepish Armani suit and half-assed grin.

We’ve known these two smiling photo-op faces for ages and could write a novella, and a juicy one at that, about not only mj and tabibs but also almost every other ‘name’ in rugdom.

Remember we’ve been here longer than any of them and we’ve got a great memory.

Hey, maybe that’s what we should do instead of giving it all away for free – waddda ya think?

Anyway, we know RK’s words are read far and wide at this point and that’s just fine as far as we are concerned.

Eventually we’ll really turn up the heat just for drill and, naturally, to watch the guilty and venal sweat -- then start to shake and bake.

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