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Tue, May 9th, 2006 09:20:22 AM
Topic: Question?

RugKazbah.com has been online for four years, in fact May 1 was our anniversary.

But this post has nothing to do with any of that, rather we'd like to ask all our readers a rhetorical question:
Ever wonder why none of the rug world luminaries we have criticized, rebuked, pilloried and defamed have moved to silence us?

Granted, RugKazbah.com is not the New York Times but neither are any of their names gracing its pages.

Have any of you wondered why someone like dennis dodds, who we have called out with gusto, has not tried to make us cease and desist?

Lord knows, if someone called us out, even half as much as we have dodds, our legal beagle would have barked and maybe even grabbed a pant-leg or two.

Sure, if we were as guilty as dodds then we'd never get our counsel to, nor would he, try to silence the truth.

It's sure dodds is not a klieg-light but heís bright enough to realize he can't stop us because what we write and say about him is fact and, as we all know, calling a spade a spade is never slander or libel.

We also know many in rugdom agree dodds is a serial abuser, whose transgressions are becoming embarrassing not only to himself but rugdom in general.

Its clear dodds has no shame and money is the only thing he considers valuable. But history has a nasty way of eventually revealing the truth and as the old adage goes "It all comes out in the end" will out here as well.

And from where we sit that end is just around the proverbial corner for mr dodds.

Author: Ashok Patel
Tue, May 9th, 2006 09:20:22 AM

RK Replies:

Do you really think RK gives a wink whether you or any of the multitude of brain dead airport art rug collectors like dodds better than us?

The world of rugs is full of stuffed shirts, pedants, check-book wielding auction fools, paranoid ding-dongs, less than average big mouths and worse -- so who in their right mind would stoop seek their "friendship" or "approval?

The fact popularity contests pass for rug knowledge and expertise in this game is one more sty in the eye of rugdom.

So save your cutesy keyboard maneuvers and smiley-faces for clownland, ashok. You will never see them here in any post RK originates.

And by the way, dodds has been picking the pockets of rug collectors for several decades and if these mokes like the feel of his sweaty palms close to their genitalia that's fine and dandy with us.

For the record, patel, if you to had the ignorance and stupidity to post the drivel below, not only does it show what a clown you are but, more importantly, the fact many share your idiocy demonstrates what a circus of Emmett Kellys the world of oriental rugs truly is.


Humor is it? Try using a :-) when you are joking.

You are so far over the top that no one takes you seriously. The few times people take you seriously you are so wacked that they give up.

You can not touch Dodds because people like him and take him seriously and few people like you.

Author: Anonymous
Tue, May 9th, 2006 08:52:00 AM

\"Ad hominem attacks are, we agree, pointless, but considering the humor and the voluminous support and documentation we provide with those \"attacks\" we fail to see how what you write is, in our case, factual.\"

Of course, humor is the key. Your time is being wasted here - you should be doing stand-up comedy, your true calling.

Author: robert
email: andersonr100@hotmail.com
Mon, May 8th, 2006 06:39:41 AM


Thanks for the kudos and, additionally, for your advice.

What you write is surely not new to us, nor are you the first person to offer such comments.

At this point in time, for instance, RK's calling dodds a creep is more theatre than anything else. However, he is a creep.

After watching him grease around for more than 35 years, believe me that entitles RK to have this opinion and to voice it publicly.

Plus, RK has backed up what we say about him, or anyone else we call out, with facts.

So quite honestly, either you have missed the forest for the trees or have never read what we have written about him in its entirety.

One of the main reasons we installed a "search engine" for RugKazbah.com is just for that -- so readers can easily find our past comments on any subject.

Ad hominem attacks are, we agree, pointless, but considering the humor and the voluminous support and documentation we provide with those "attacks" we fail to see how what you write is, in our case, factual.

Let RK also mention unless we start to get some support from our ever growing readership, and we mean either writing in here or taking the ball themselves to the playing fields we have identified as stagnant, dank and worse, we will soon tire of this.

After all, we are action oriented and to accomplish our missions -- getting LACMA to return that piece of crap rug to dodds is only one of them -- we need the help of others.

So as the saying goes, "put up or shut up" and we doubt anyone could claim we have not put it up.


JC, you obviously have a lot of knowledge and insight about rugs and textiles and the attendant market, which you willingly share, and you are certainly not bashful about making your opinions known.

You also have a certain wry sense of humor; your recent parting look (actually parting shots) at ACOR in ĎJCís Cornerí was a real hoot.

That said, however, until you can make your arguments (which by the way are often very strong) without making ad hominem remarks, then most people will not have to take you seriously.

Rather than attacking the person, try attacking their erroneous assumptions, hypotheses, ideas and misconceptions directly.

Then, even those who do not agree with your positions will listen to you and will be forced to answer your charges.

I am not saying that you should be nice or condescending, which is not your style, merely civil.

Well, thatís my 2 cents worth, and probably not even worth that in your opinion, however, it will be your loss.

Anyway, keep up the good work.

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