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Tue, May 9th, 2006 08:10:14 PM
Topic: Another Agenda Bending Review ala hali

Today, the following appeared in a review of a new gallery in Bankock on the hali website:
“After months of preparation, Kin Kam and Ferooz Qureshi have opened Sidartha Gallery in Bangkok, Thailand, dedicated to collectible rugs.

The couple bring an optimism and commitment to the rug scene that led them to seek for the best material available, be it antique or modern. It is a welcome reprieve from the dross of artless weavings that have been flooding Asia for years.”

As far as RK can tell, this “couple” will need all the optimism they can muster and more to succeed in selling the quite less than “best available” old rugs in their stock.

That’s if the two shown along with this publicity blurb are the best of their inventory or even a median representation.

Here’s the first of those “pieces” hali chose:

Now this so-called Karapinar is not a bad rug but neither is it even close to the level of superiority hali’s comments might lead a naïve viewer, or buyer, into believing.

RK’s opinions on the ubiquitous “Karapinar” designation have already been well explained here and for those who are unfamiliar with them, we suggest using our site search engine to find out what we think.

Rather comically hali then called it “a good shaggy Karapinar”, which might sound good in the review of a store selling sweaters but way out of place for a supposed art worthy weaving. Ask us and we’d call it a rather pedestrian mid-19th century Konya long rug. But clearly we call spades, spades – something that rarely graces the glossy pages of the magazine that has the pomposity to call itself the “Bible” of oriental rugs.

Whatever name is used, this rug surely is not one to stem the flood of “artless weavings that have been flooding Asia for years”.

Seems like more of the same to us.

The second rug pictured along with this blatant bit of hype hali calls are “review” was this ChiChi:

RK agrees this appears to be an excellent example. But calling it the Rosetta Stone of this type of Caucasian Rug is nothing more than puff and fluff to the max.

If hali was not clearly trying to court selling some advertising space to this new gallery would they bestow such warm praise on it had it just, for arguments sake, been bought by RK or anyone of you?

RK says BS to that notion.

Finally, we would never bother to call hali out for a “review” like this had they positioned their comments in a more realistic manner. However, we surely are not going to stand mute to such hyperbole and obsequious flattery.

Perhaps, by being so kind to this gallery, hali is also hoping to gain some new subscribers out of native Thailanders?

Disregarding either of those possibilities here’s one thing you can always bet on concerning hali according to us -- everything they do is related to their agenda of selling advertising space, subscriptions and, of course, retaining control of the accelerator and steering wheel of a rug world that is runaway and out of control.

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