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Sat, May 13th, 2006 07:50:30 PM
Topic: "distinguished collection"? Says Who

(ed. note: we emailed the following, minus the photo and comments under the signature, to the three Philadelphia Rug and Textile Society (PRTS) members whose names grace their home page)

to whom it might concern:

we think it is outrageous your rug society's home page has a picture and glowing prose about dennis dodds, who has been proven to be, what could only at best be described as, an unconscionably greedy rug dealer

”Some of our members admiring a most distinguished collection, that of PRTS member Dennis Dodds”

dodds's penchant for overcharging customers and selling egregiously over dated rugs is well known and recognized by not only us

for instance dodds pawned off on the Los Angeles County Art Museum (LACMA) a rug he had been trying, without success mind you, to sell for years for far less than the ludicrously outrageous price of $250,000 he extracted from them

it is clear this rug is not circa 1550, nor is it a masterpiece of its type, nor it is museum worthy

the world of oriental rugs has always been full of carpet-baggers and charlatans but dodds has proven himself to be even more disingenuous than any of those in whose steps he trods

we feel personally offended by what dodds has done concerning the LACMA sale and, to make matters even worse, dodds has 'curated' two exhibitions at the University of Pennsylvania's Arthur Ross Gallery and salted both of these 'exhibitions' with pieces from his inventory which he is actively trying to sell, even as they hang in that gallery on public view

anyone who has any sense of propriety or personal honesty would be as aggrieved as we are over these serious transgressions of public trust and professional responsibility

we are aghast you and your rug club either does not know what dodds has, and is, doing or chooses to turn a blind eye and ignore these actions

we have publicly called dodds out on numerous occasions for these and other lapses of trust and are, quite frankly, disappointed your society continues to treat dodds like royalty when he is in our, and many other rug savvy collectors and dealer's opinion, nothing more than a common crook

should you require more elucidation concerning any of the above comments, we would welcome the opportunity to provide additional documentation to support our allegations

jack cassin

we would like to bring everyone's attention to the fact several of the rugs in the photo above are included in the Arthur Ross exhibitiom, one having been successfully, well at least for dodds, sold to some 'lucky' collector - ha ha

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