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Wed, May 24th, 2006 03:53:09 AM
Topic: Egg on their Face

Once again RK has exposed and embarrassed those who would come here to post with the sole purpose of trying to push a bogus agenda.

Today it was someone from the hali organization who thought they could and found out they couldn't.

This person mistakenly believed they could pull the wool over the eyes of our readers and found out instead RK had the power and ability, forget the righteousness, to wrap them up in that wool and send them packing.

Frankly, we believe hali owes us a public apology for such a low, underhanded action.

RK operates the freest and most open discussion board on the net and why anyone would need to affect anonymity goes leagues to show how stupid and disingenuous much of the upper hierarchy of rugdom truly is.

The fact this happened today, just like the losers and fools who run acor dared to prevent our entrance to their "lecture" and other programs when we showed our press pass and even after we offered to pay full price, documents the fear and loathing rugdom has for anyone who speaks the truth.

We are increasingly living in a world where, like Orwell's 1984, Lies are considered Truth.

Granted rugdom's penchant to mask the truth with lies is but a blip on the serious horizon that greater issue portends but, regardless it, too, needs to be addressed and addressed quickly.

The fact dodds, hali, et. al. believe they are above critique stinks and RK will not rest until that stench is eradicated, not perfumed with the usual bunk and BS these people have used to justify and retain their 'leadership roles'.

So, to all those of you who would like to critique or criticize RK, let what happened to hali, and others who tried to throw little spit-balls and more at us in the past, be a lesson.

We do not appreciate those who come here with a message and stance that is phony, nor will we stand mute and allow anyone to sully our reputation with lies and dishonest opinions.

We are not afraid to duke it out and, honestly, while we would prefer having friends rather than foes, we're ready to take care of business with anyone who might come here with a posture that is anything other than honest and forthright.

Author: jc
Wed, May 24th, 2006 03:53:09 AM

Although hali has egg all over its face, forget about what has dribbled down its shirt and pants for many other reasons, the issue of the large photo spread for those miserable copies of alleged "Ottoman Embroideries" remains, along with the LACMA/dodds fiasco, a rotting stink bomb.

Who do these people think they are fooling?

How can they possibly ignore the mess that sits molding in their lap -- to say it needs Superfund remediation would be to put it lightly.

Don't schaeffer, evans, et. al. realize they wear their abject refusal to admit these horrendous errors like pairs of oversized clown shoes?

Why does no one but RK think this is a serious breech of trust?

Actually and more to the point, we believe it demonstrates not only that breech but the reality the editors don't know the difference between genuine works, i.e. circa 16th century Turkish Village Rugs and 17th century Ottoman Embroideries, and these ludicrous copies.

If hali is supposed to be what its publicity and reputation crack it up to be why did situations like this exist in the first place and, now that they have been exposed, why is there no acknowledgement from them that they have erred.

By refusing the face their mistakes and covering them up with a smokescreen of indifference and obfuscation hali has proven what RK has stated ad nausea about them better than we ever could.

RK believes the situation will continue and hali, the fools and dopes in acor and icoc and, yes most of you ruggies out there, are all at fault and bear responsibility, albeit for different reasons, for rugdom's dreadful present circumstance.

As one long time (30 year plus) rug collector colleague of ours said yesterday " The antique rug business is going down hill faster than I could ever have imagined."

All we can add to his words is an "Amen".

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