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Tue, May 23rd, 2006 05:42:12 AM
Topic: Double Standard

The fact someone from the hali staff posted some stupid, inane drivel here on RugKabah.com anonymously and got caught with their hand in the cookie jar of dishonesty seems to mean nothing to anyone.

However, were the situation reversed, and hali had the guts to have an open discussion board on their site and RK did what they did, we are positive there would have been an avalanche of distain and disapproval from rugdom directed at us.

Had we ever sold an ghastly over-dated and over-rated piece of junk rug, like dodds did with LACMA, to any Museum for an equally outrageous and unsupportable price, we are sure there would have been an avalanche of distain and disapproval from rugdom directed at us for perpetrating such a dastardly deed.

Had we ever set up a business like cloudband.com, like allen marcuson did, and sought funding, to the tune of 1.5 million dollars (yes that's how much got wasted on cloudband.com as we have been told by a former insider), from our family, our friends and others in rugdom and then went bankrupt causing everyone too lose all they had "invested" we are sure there would have been an avalanche of distain and disapproval from rugdom directed at us. Note marcuson was pulling down a very high salary almost until the end while others were further sucked in as the ship was sinking and ended up being unpaid creditors.

RK mentions this not to elicit sympathy from the idiots (many of whom read this site daily) that think they are rugdom (let them and others save their sympathies for the idiots who would believe what someone from hali wrote, what dodds did, or the poor gullible folks marcuson bilked; we surely donít need it), but rather to put into perspective the amazingly lame and absurd double standards rugdom seems to think are acceptable.

We could write a book, and just may do that soon, naming the names of all the creeps, charlatans, thieves and dumb bastards that populate rugdom. We know enough stories to prove everything we say and more, much more.

To them, as well as the small number of intelligent, righteous and passionate collectors and dealers who have proven themselves to be far above these lumpen fools of rugdom, we direct our words Ė for it is necessary everyone know the truth and not the mealy mouthed nonsense and Texas-sized cow pies of BS that often passes for it, not only in the pages of hali or the auction catalogs of sothebys, bozwell, et. al. but also in the verbal lore and mutterings of those, like dodds, marcuson schaeffer et.al., who believe they are above truth or anyone who would dare disseminate it.

RK has proven who and what we are and that we always come down on the side of truth and reality and that is the reason we are considered pariah and personna non grata by them and the other trollops and lickspittles who are equally afraid of what we know and our ability to remain vocal.

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